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Feb 14, 2017
Sorry , got a couple of quick questions. I only want to purchase VIP for LOD : FW , so i want to know those :
1. Will the mod work on NOX emulator ?
2.Can i connect via facebook ?
3. Can i transfer the saved profile to an ios device ?
Basically , all 3 questions are linked. I don't have an android anymore , and i'd like to get the mod , install it on Nox emulator , play some time probably finish the tower of eternity and then connect with facebook to transfer the save on my iphone . Thanks.

Edit: Also , what does "License needed" mean ?
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Mar 20, 2014
1.) yes but we find bs2 is better.
2.) yes you can (you just need to uninstall the facebook app.
3.) that depends on the game, there is no limited due to the mod at least.
4.) License needed means the mod won't work without a valid VIP subscription.

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