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This is to our loyal and dedicated VIP members who been asking for a higher subscription. Well here is your chance. We have 1 lifetime VIP slot for sale. This is the only one that will be sold, there won't be another one. This deal will only be up for 1 week, if not sold this deal will never come again. This is a once in a lifetime chance.

Lifetime access to VIP - 1 SLOT $400

Once you purchase this unlimited VIP pass, you will have access to VIP forever. Forever until the internet dies.
If we have multiple users who want to purchase you guys will have to bid for it.

Many of you may think, this is crazy!!! That is too much money!!! Well let me tell you something, here at AR we're one of a kind. You won't find mods like these anywhere else, we have no competition. We are our own competition!

Some of you may be asking, what are the benefits I get? Well the only benefit is you make a 1 time payment and you never have to pay again, that's the beauty of this lifetime access to our VIP.

That being said. any users who are interested in purchasing this once in a lifetime deal just send me a private message to finish the transaction, no posting allowed.

Ending March 7, 2016. 11PM CT

Serious buyers only, don't post if you're not interested in purchasing or bidding. Any irrelevant port will be deleted and user(s) will be warned.

Team AR.​
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Thanks TeamAR on making me a lifetime VIP member. I have been with Android Republic for over a year now and the site just keeps getting better and better with the amount of mods that are available and the ever growing community. For me, this is the only Android game hacks and mods site I want to be a part of.
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