Request Marvel Avengers Academy 2.10.0 MOD

Apr 22, 2016
@JBMarvel616, i hope can help you.
Materials need to Mod:
-Game guardian
-Auto clicker
-Brain 😂
Not hackable shards and skill upgrade materials the rest can edit by GAME GUARDIAN...
-Silver timefog capsule (contains shards and materials (you can gain at event maps) then edit it using game guardian
-Academy capsules contains Skill upgrade..( randomly lucky edit i dont know what code is)
You can't edit shards but u can edit capsule that contains shards and u need auto clicker after 1 hour u got 99999 shards 😂


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Aug 28, 2018
Also every time I get the right value and try to change example russian tea cakes or time remotes the game freezes and restarts without giving me the material. I have root access with lastest game guardian any suggestions.
Aug 28, 2018
Do a d word search and input the number of the object your modding. Then after you gain or lose a little bit and the number changes then input the new number and refine the search.
It should put you in the right area of what you're trying to change.
My game freezes every time i try to change a value and restarts without doing anything so just fyi it might not work at all.
Mar 5, 2018
can you do it, a video tutorial, for the cost of ranking up character bios please? or no,even better the keys in the store or the event gacha