Outdated Marvel Strike Force v1.2.0 [MOD]


May 9, 2016

Name: Marvel Strike Force
Version: 1.2.0
Root: No

Mod 1
1- Infinite Energy - use skill/no cooldown

Mod 2
1- No skill / just basic attacks
all with basic attacks including enemies

Install Steps:
1- install mod apk
2- Enjoy

Credits: JehSilva
Playstore Link: https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.foxnextgames.m3&hl=en
MOD 1: Marvel Strike Force v1.2.0 MOD 1
MOD 2: Marvel Strike Force v1.2.0 MOD 2
Mirror Link: MOD 1
Mirror Link: MOD 2
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Nov 28, 2015
This effect for all, so its also make the game harder
i still don't test this, but seem. similar to modded dc legends. the trick there its use some character who speed up your team like black widow, so yo allows gonna start first.
im gonna test this latter
Nov 28, 2015
yes it works like supouse . if you have black widow and use her second skill to speed up your team yo can use the third skill of all your team (i recomend use those who have aoe damage skills like quake,yondo crossbone ) . BUT if the enemy team start first all they gonna use his third skill and can easylly kill you on your first turn ,so beware againts wich teams yo gonna fight using this mod


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Sep 25, 2016
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