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Playstore link: PewDiePie's Tuber Simulator - Android Apps on Google Play
1. Root your phone (MUST)
2. Install
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3. Install this game
4. At the beginning, when you do tutorial, open GG, search 1D;0F:13
5. Just continue like the video shown,

Note: Just in case, you fail to do this, try to install previous version of this game.
Also, please follow the video to set up the memory ranges of your Game Guardian.
another memory hacking tut nice :D

btw are you the real one or just a fake ?
Confuse!!! I should pm u :laughing:
let me explain to you about this game bro, just so you know, that float value always change each launch of this game, so, if you fail, you need to clear data and try again. and my suggestion is, don't change the level :D max level is 50 actually, so, if you hack it, other players will see you as level 1 and you can't brag it.
About ban, do they ban players? I hacked the game via GG and using sponsor eagle
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