Outdated Monster Strike 8.0.0 (RoW [not Japan]) - MOD @unlimited strikes

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Name: Monster Strike
Version: 8.0.0 (RoW [not Japan]) - Rest of World
Root: No

Unlimited Strikes

Install Steps:
1.) Remove original game (if played with MOD before, not necessary)
2.) Install MOD APK
3.) Enjoy cheating =)

Info: Save the APK, everytime data is downloading ingame you have to re-install MOD.

Playstore Link:
Monster Strike - Android Apps on Google Play

Free download:

*How to download with dropapk*
1. Open link
2. Click on "free download" on the left bottom
3. Close ad tabs and go back to first link site where you clicked on "free download"
4. Click on create download-link
5. Here we go =)

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thanks for the mod, just a question though how fast would this flag the account?
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dunno if im using it wrong but it seems the strikes made it look like strikes but were regular shots :( i died when athos shouldve nullified everything and gabby should have pierce
Sorry to disappoint everyone but I stole this mod and took credit for it, I am not a real modder just a leecher.
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