cant find ur squad Kik.says no squad with that name
can u tell exact name...or how can i find u.new here playing only 5days..some step wud be easy for me


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Once I learn the game I may come join you guys if I don't make one of my own for a community I admin on FB.
Guyz yeah learn it quick and get 1000 medals as it our joining requirement

Very less ban chance if u follow me and we can easily dominate this game :D
I'm a low profile cheaters of course..
Another vampire I summoned you @ChiefMaster1010 yuk main ini huehue
Lol... Hahaha nice
@Simar I will learn the game bro... Wait for me... It's look fun tough

It's the best game with hack. You can join us at beginning and still same contribution as those senior players.
It's more depend on how active you play this game, help the team get more war points.
Don't have to wait at later level.
Don't bother start your own squad, it's not easy to recruit active players.
Our squad is good... it has max size 60 members already.
i want to join too... but i dont have have kik... it doesnt work in china too... can i still join ?
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