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Apr 26, 2016
Discussion here is about this game: Link is Broken

I thought to create a post for this so that others can help me out to figure things out - being newbie on this.

Let's start, anyone can answer would be good. Keep this post clean by only discussing things that are asked. Requests for whatever features to be modded will be deleted/ignored, so don't go there. Any new information that you think useful for me, either post on this or PM me.

1. - removed (i think i've got this; ignore)

2. fruits - what's the purpose of this? how easy/difficult to get? do you need these when your monsters fully enhanced or you need this for some scenarios?

3. banning - do you have cases of when/what being banned? (if this question too sensitive; cause dev troll this site; please PM me on this)

4. "live events" or "online button" - what kind of data/ranking/etc that are publicly made available? which then lead you being ban? do dev monitor these? what do you wish you can do in these events?

5. PvP seems to be in "beta", anything to watch out there?

So, anyone can assist on any of those points? Thanks
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