Newbie intro to mod terms

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Apr 26, 2016
Having a bit of time, let's put some terms for clarity to everyone. This post will be updated when/if any staff got time or feel like to...or when I feel like to, whichever comes last. Comment for terms that you wish to include, we'll update first post as however long as we want/can/desire.

If you're a Nazi in any typos, definitions, or otherwise, go and read somewhere else. definition here is completely inaccurate, misspelled, incorrect, and opinionated, in their exact reversed and random order.

This term refers to any apk provided to you that allow you to run the game with very little or noticeable changes. Usually there are some "functions" or features of the original games being "bypassed". Think of it similar to short circuit. The functions behave normal and exactly as intended when certain condition didn't exist.

Let's get into example, much easier to understand. Assume a game is implemented so that it checks whether your device is rooted or not, and when it discovers your device is rooted, it will drop the bomb and quit. But you desperately wanting to play the game, would you buy a new device? This is where a bypass apk comes to your help. some modders kindly provide you "root bypass", aka, short circuit the game check for root condition, and therefore allows you to play the game, as if your device is non-rooted

As implied above, there are many different types of bypass. More commonly would be bypass to certain conditions such as root check, emulator check, or even specific device check (e.g. game only playable in 4k screen and yet you've got a crappy 640 pixel phone; JK!)

Sometimes, some modders provide bypass along with their modded apk, and the intention is for you to use the bypass until you finish game's tutorial. Ever got stuck playing a mod game where it just hung there when it supposedly progress to the next stage? Well, usually dev had put some script where you are supposed to be killed by the enemy and yet one of the mod feature had broken that script (say, assume the mod is "1-hit kill" where you just need a single hit to kill any enemy). In this situation, the bypass is merely allowing you to play the game until you pass through all those scripted tutorial, and then you can install modded apk after the tutorial to continue your gameplay.

In its simplicity - most bypass is minor modification to the original game to allow you use the game in a "normal" way, where NO dmg or diamonds or whatever the "main" (aka important) mods being activated.

LP (LuckyPatcher) patched
LP is a separate tool, developed by a great dude, to help you enhance your gaming experience further. In simplicity, LP consists of a bunch of patches to your Android OS so that it "relaxes" a few of the too-stringent checks that otherwise you won''t be allowed to do. The principle is "it's your device, you can do whatever you like to it".

Commonly, LP is used to patch OS so that it allows any modded apk being installed on top of original PlayStore version (bypass dev signature check), install any apk from anywhere (bypass PS check), install upgrade or downgrade version of your apk (bypass version check).

Some mods have explicit requirements of installation where you see "w/ LuckyPatcher" or similar, to indicate that those mods can only be installed and played when you apply those patches above. Refer to "signing into Google+/FB for modded apk" to see detail steps.

There are many other patches available in LP, that's for you to explore. All of them as deadliest as the others with some chance of you bricking your device but then after years of playing with it, I hardly heard anyone bricking their device who couldn't get it up and running again ;)

The way I look at it, once you have your device rooted, that's great. It gives you the freedom to explore areas that require root, e.g. accessing system files, install/removal of unwanted apps, etc. BUT if you are thinking of having much greater freedom on mod installations, you MUST patch your rooted device with LP. This allows you to install multiple versions of mods with differing signatures, install older version(s) of the mods, and plenty other things that you gonna take for granted once you've got your OS patched. So, if you already have your device rooted, don't stop there, install LP and patch the OS ;)

OBB trick
This trick refers to placements of OBB file into the game's folder so that the game can be played. Some games are not available in your nearest playstore due to restriction of its distribution (only to certain continents, countries etc), being pulled from your PS but still available somewhere in the net, etc.

OBB is nothing more than a zipped assets for your game, along with their gorgeous images, sounds, and other files the dev deemed needed for your enjoyment. It typically has massive size from a few MB to the area of GB. Apk installed will need to run along with these assets otherwise you notice your game will just show blank screen during its loading screen.

Android OS dictates placements of OBB files into /Android/obb/xxxx/ folder where xxxx MUST be your game internal packaging name. For instance, if the game is called "Gorgeous RPG" and known in PS as "com.rpg.r22" then you should notice "com.rpg.r22" to be the folder being used as its OBB location. You can use LP to check the game internal package name or use many other methods - this topic is outside of this guide.

Note that there typically only 1 or 2 OBB files for your game whereas your game "data" (the files that are not bundled into OBB) could be a lot. Some games choose NOT to bundle their data into OBB, in this case you should see the OBB folder being empty whereas its /Android/data/xxxx/ folder being filled.

What can you do with OBB files and what's the trick? It's fairly simple. Once you've placed your OBB in correct location and manage to play the game, your game no longer need to download its OBB from PS or crash due to missing OBB. If you rename the OBB folder prior to uninstalling and re-installing your game (say you like to test PS version, hence needed to uninstall your existing version), renaming it back after uninstallation will mean you don't need to redownload the OBB file. Saving you the time of lengthy unnecessary download. Refer to OBB trick in public mod section for detail steps on how to install your modded apk.

God mode
You're turned into god where your heroes will never die or receive insignificant damage that you can just watch the whole show without fear of being electrocuted or killed lol.

Dumb enemies
The enemies will not do what they suppose to do, e.g. move or attack.

Weak enemies
Enemies HP or attack get so weak, you don't need to worry about them attacking you. If enemies HP is weaken, the end result may look like a 1-hit kill.

1-hit kill
Either your damage has been amplified to the degree that it is impossible to handle by the enemies, or the enemies HP had been weaken to the point a single wind-breeze will cause them to collapse. End result is the same, enemies got knocked out with a single touch.

To be continued next year or sooner.
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Dec 9, 2016
Nice, sure some people can use a newbie guide with terms, a few off the top of my head that'll help them is obb (what/why its required), LVL checks, and "requires lucky patcher" or "saved game" mods. I'm sure I'll think of some more but good stuff man (y)


ty vm rl helps me !
If you could give me a link so i can understand how to make a modded apk i would apresiate it!ty