[Nutaku][+18] Fap Ceo v0.933 v4[Mod]


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Oct 22, 2016
well in case ppl who really want rubies... u guys still can get the rubies from the chest, but I'll not advertise to use too many keys per opening chest. I suggest u guys level up your company first till level 15 so u can get the most benefit for a key before opening it. I got banned tho cuz I'm using it in the tournament (no shit). but I think using key to open chest to get ruby is safe.
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Sep 30, 2017
My account is still working. When you started using the mod, is on a brand new account or an account that has already pass tutorial?
I started using the new version of this mod on a previous account that didn't have any problems with getting banned. The last version I updated was 9.26 I believe. Just updated to this version and I got banned instantly once I proceeded to upgrade the girls. Kinda sucks because I've been playing without any bans for at least close to since the game has been out. I've had every new girl from every update since the game started. Oh well. No going back now. Just a bummer is all.


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Jan 9, 2019
I opened many thousands of chests 500+ at a time, have 5000 gems, and bought thousands of multiplier in the store and am still not banned. I just installed legit version afterwards. Also I am only level 3 company and did this since level 1.


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Dec 16, 2018
3)No consume when buy (Untested need feedback)
i cant buy anything with rubies prices sorry my broken english