One Piece Thousand Storms OPTS JP v.1.24.0 [mega mod]


busy n will update mods with most "likes" first
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Apr 26, 2016
tutorial use bypass version. if you use always drop version and your game crash, that means your emu or phone is very low on memory, there are too many drops and make your game hung


Apr 4, 2018
I just found the interesting fact about the medal, the +55 drop for medal is working but the medal upgrade cannot be used in +55 mod because the deduction for the medal is still +55, so use +55 to get the medal and use other mod to consume the medal. Hope this help


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Jan 10, 2019
no drop 57x of everything ?This mod doesnt work
for me, i tried alno drop 57x of everything ?This mod doesnt work for me, i tried all 3 Mods l 3 Mods
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Mar 9, 2017
there is somethig to do if it this message shows to not to get banned?
i Don't know. I make new account immediately. I guess the ban on fame event connected to drop mod and weak enemy mod. Last fame event i only play 1 stage of fame event and still got the message. I really hope Sir BTG could make gode mode mod to be used in fame event