Outdated PLANTS VS. ZOMBIES 2 Private server (English, The international version) V6.4.1

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Eat, sleep, android
Jul 26, 2017

Version: 6.4.1
Root: No

1. corn pitcher projection of fruit,
2. dandelion big hit bullets up, clover tactical bullets more, 1 second reply,
3. countercurrent grass to zombie lost,
4 bite monkey 1 sec swallowed,
5. moonlight full screen Moonlight,
6. flame pea warm full screen,
7. the original potato recovery time is shorter, the range of 3 * 3,
8. Planting scene without restrictions,
9. zombie into the house without eating the brain,
10 closed new plant holly barrier,
11. 0 sunshine No cooling! Thanks to Time Flies_Cz offer, welcome to join the QQ group 471022929! Note: it is recommended to play off the net!

Packet Path
sdcard \ Android \ obb \ com.ea.game.pvz2_row
1. First download the above installation package to install! This is the main APK program! (Packet decompression will also get APK installation package! Install this the same!)
2. Then download the package decompression, will get an Android folder, directly on the memory card root directory, if prompted to cover, please sure.

Credits To: ?
Playstore Link:
Google Playstore

ZWDZJS2GJB-641-XG.zip - 470.8 MB
ZWDZJS2GJB-641-XG.apk - 12.2 MB
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