Pocket Mortys[GG] - Campaign & Multiplayer hacks


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Name: Pocket Mortys
Version: 2.2.9
Download: Playstore
Root: Yes(For GG)

What is needed:

What is possible:

  • Edit Schmeckles(Currency)
  • Edit Blips and Chitz Coupons(Premium Currency)
  • Duplicate Mortys
  • Edit Morty Stats(Dimension#, HP, ATK, DEF, SPD, AP)
  • Edit Item Quantity

  • Unlock 70 Paid Skins for Free
  • Easily start multiplayer with any 3 Mortys you want
Hacking these two aspects of multiplayer is very easy. The reason being, it copies over some of the data from the offline/campaign mode. So, it all just boils down to Blips and Chitz Coupons in Campaign mode.

In order to copy over your 3 Mortys from campaign you must not have entered Multiplayer yet!

Unlocking the Skins:

1) Go into Campaign. Find the address for your Schmeckles. This can be done through Salesman Rick, Investment Rick, or through winning fights. Scan each time your value changes. Address always ends in E20 from what I've seen.
Scan: Exact
Type: Dword
2) Once you find it, Press&Hold and click goto address.

3) The address for the Blips and Chitz Coupons should be right below your Schmeckles. Address should always end in E24 from what I've seen.
4) Now that you can edit the value of your coupons, you can buy all the skins from Salesman Rick under the customize tab. These skins will carry over once you enter multiplayer.

Getting "any" Morty you want:
You can only carry 3 Mortys from campaign into multiplayer so choose wisely. You will be prompted to choose 3 the first time you enter and create your multiplayer account. All levels and stats are reset once carried over.

1) Follow the previous steps to edit your Blips and Chitz Coupons. Then proceed to the nearest Blips and Chitz Gacha machine. You can get almost every Morty this way(Except Egg/One True Morty)

If you want to get Egg Morty/The One True Morty, all hope is not lost as he can be easily gotten by smashing your way through campaign.

Editing Stats and AP:
Rather than grinding like crazy, I find smashing through campaign with unparalleled power the easiest and fastest method in obtaining Egg Morty/The One True Morty.

In order to find the location of the stats you can either use your HP or use seeds from the Blips and Chitz gacha machine.

1) Enter a fight and Find the Address for your HP
Scan: Exact
Type: Dword​
2) Once you find it, Press&Hold and click go to address. All of your mortys base stats should be there for you to edit.
3) Once you're done with your stats, you can follow the same method and find the addresses for your AP.
4) Now you're ready to plow through campaign and pick up your Egg morty and evolve it into The One True Morty to take over into multiplayer.

Duplicating a Morty:

1) Get the Morty you want to Duplicate and use the HP method from the previous section. Once you find the address, save it. Do the same for the Mortys you want change into that Morty.

2) Now that you have all their HP addresses, go to the address of the Morty you want to dupe. Then scroll up a few addresses. The 4 addresses you want are right above the address for the Dimension#.
2)Go to the first address, Hold&Press and click to copy the value. Then go to each Morty you want to change and paste that value into theirs. Follow this process for the other 3 addresses as well.
3) Once you're done, just open your MortyDex or whatever it's called and it should refresh.
The duplicated Mortys are completely permanent and can be carried over into multiplayer.

This is my first time writing a tutorial for a game, feel free to critique my post and give tips!
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