Outdated Pokemon GO Compass Tracker v.0.8.6 (Nearby Pokemon, Stops,etc)

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Here are the feature highlights:

  • Background running service (can be toggled off)
  • Configurable update interval (5 seconds - 30 minutes)
  • A SINGLE notification will continually be updated to reflect: catch-able count and names, nearby count and names, in-range/lootable pokestop
  • Option to be alerted by sound+vibration via a filter list for catch-able pokemon.
  • Option to be alerted by sound+vibration for in-range pokestop
  • Searchable filter list -- with select all/unselect all/show filter/show all options
  • Dark mode theme for hunting at night
  • GPS style arrow directing you in the direction of a catch-able pokemon or a pokestop. (sorry, nearby pokemons don't give coordinates to do this)
  • All list screens have pull-down-to-refresh function
  • Each list will reflect how stale the data is
  • Despawn timer on catch-able pokemon

Passive mode: The idea is to have the app running in the background polling the server every so often of your choosing and notify you of anything interesting around you. If there is, it will notify you and you can then tap the notification to open the app, then tap on the catch-able pokemon to be directed to its location.

Active mode: Quickly swap between different lists and able to swipe down on the screen to refresh on demand. (at the nearest 5 second) This way, when you're impatient on the hunt, you can just... refresh like a mad man(or woman).

Please be aware that every time the service wakes up to perform an update, your GPS will also fire up to fetch location, so... be mindful of battery usage.

NOTE: The Android OS LOVES to kill background running services... even with a sticky notification as documentation suggests... As such, the service may get delayed by the OS from running an update or flat out kills it. Just... restart the app at that point... sorta breaks the passive bit. I noticed that setting a more aggressive poll timer seems to keep it alive more reliably.

NOTE2: You will only need to login once, the app will remember your credentials in an encrypted storage. Nearby pokemon do not return with a known coordinate. Neither does it return with a valid distance.

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Credit: LethalBuns
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