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Hello, everyone.

It's been a while I don't post a thing, well, due to my hectic days here. But anyway, here is how you can hack
Pot Farm Grass Roots (later PFGS), especially on it's Gold, Cash, Unlimited Harvest and Level.

Download this game here: Pot Farm - Grass Roots - Android Apps on Google Play

Root your phone (of course)
Download Game Guardian (later GG) from HERE
Open GG and PFGS, do the tutorials
Open the Job Board, see the rewards (usually you will see the EXP and gold you will get for selling)
Open GG and search the number like this EXP;GOLD:5 for example 22;112:5
Search 22 or 112, and edit increment the value to 1
Close GG, close the Job Board, open agan and see that job reward changes
Now open GG again, unselect that certain value and edit others back to 22 (or 112), delete them
Edit the last value to something big but remember this, don't edit more than 500000 for gold and never level up more than 2 levels
Freeze the value and do the quest. You will level up faster and get the gold
What about the Cash and Harvest??
Just watch this video,

Thanks for coming.
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