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Greetings AR team and fellow users,

As one of the user who has experience on multiple cheese sites on both paid modded mobile apps (BM,PM,SBN) and PC platform (private cheats). I would like to share my honest thought about AR's modding service. ( since it's subscription model, I will describe it as service instead of product)

My information might be incorrect or outdate since I might read from wrong thread so feel free to object and correct them.

1. Is the mod really working? Is it safe?

It's working as intend. However, as it has been described in VIP forum. there is no guarantee that mod will be absolutely safe. Rule of thumb to make your account to stay as long as possible when you try to cheese is that try to make your account look as legit as possible and avoid using feature that could potentially has high risk when game developer decide to add some automate detection (such as dumb enemy or too high defense(0 damage), resource hacking (having tons of them or never decrease), massive damage output).

How to make your account look legit? simply don't do thing overboard by abusing mod too much. Imagine yourself with the peasant stats but can beat a troop of dragon. If your data profile (level,base stats,play time, etc.) is not consistent with your achievement then you potentially might receive automatic ban, manual ban or even reported by legit player (in arena ranking/ world ranking, etc.). Don't think that as long as developer can't catch you then you can be safe since you can be reported by player which might even be your guildmate and receive manual ban. Try keep your profile as low as possible if you want to avoid ban hammer. ( Unless it's cash grab game, single player that publisher does not care about cheat)

There will be time when game has an update which will affect mod. if you're lucky that game only update its content then AR team probably fix the mod within 1-2 days. (Unless they have security patch p:)

2. Is the mod really worth your penny?

Well, it's depends. Only you yourself can guage whether what you have spent is worth it or not. For me, it's worth since this service actually not that expensive. If you had ever use private cheese then you will know that it's a lot more expensive than this one. (popular game can even reach $100-$150 a month and might close to $1000 for life-time. this is usually just for single product/game)

3. Is it easy to use?

Installation is simple since they have their own application management (unless it's stuck and require you to manual download) and in-game menu is not complex. The only problem is setup which might be confuse for new user, especially on emulator which just granting application permission might not be the end of it. for example, mod usually does not support 64 bit emulator so if you register your device on that emulator then you can say good bye to 1 reset chance.

Moreover, it might not even work perfectly on all emulator so you probably have to try multiple time until you can find the one that you comfort with. (Luckily Mr. fool is generous enough to reset your count chance for this kind of problem as long as you have a good reason)

4. What's about support?

It's not bad honestly. Staffs are willingly to listen to your question and patience enough to answer/help you.

If you have problem about mod then you can private message to mod tester. for example, CheetaG0D,


well basically anyone with these pink(?) tag. They can help you verify that mod is still working before report to actual modders.

If you have problem with account, reset chance then contacting h3yf00l

TLDR, for fellow customer

1. Mod is working as long as it's in VIP section ( not archive one ) so check the one you looking for first before consider buying VIP. (well I actually do opposite by buying VIP first then checking out game lol)

2. Mod is worth the price since you can save you shitload of extra cash that you might need to spend in order get pass through those pay-wall or catching up with other player with minimal effort.

3. Mod is safe as long as you don't abusing it too much. Check out the discussion forum and ask fellow user/staff whether which option is risky and what's optimal value for setup. (Note. there still a chance for ban if developer has a way to detect mod itself instead of those features)

4. Support is good as long as you message to the right person according to your own problem. You usually receive reply as soon as they are available/online.


Well, that being said. There are quite a couple things that can be improved.

1. Honestly speaking, because I'm using emulator, reset chance is always problem for me when attempting to correct error myself or setting up emulator. Good thing is that I can request for resetting chance for this issue. However, since account related issue only support by single person (which is admin himself) like approving VIP, request for assistance about your account, etc. this process may take some time. (especially, if you have timezone different).

I'm not sure about how to resolve this account support issue but it would be great if we could have more staff that can have permission to manage these type of issue.

About device id lock... uh... well I know that it's required to prevent abusing distribute mod file... but is there a way to make it less strict? like changing from IP address would be okay or instead of locking to device id, check concurrent user on single account like netflix instead. Well this is just 2 cent thought

2. About subscription
The information is not clear... or may be there is a new thread and I'm looking on incorrect one.

According to this faq

How to register/remove a device?
You are only allowed 3 device registrations per month and a max of 2 active devices.

I believe this is quite outdated since we now able to use up to 4 active devices depending on subscription plan. More information about each subscription also require. such as, will I receive more reset chance if I bought 4 devices plan compare 1 device? or both of them have base 3 chances.

Or if I resubscription then will my reset chance will be automatically reset? will my subscription receive extend days or just count from the day you bought.

3. About Mod testing phase

It would be nice if you have basic information about which android version. model, emulator has it been tested on.

For example, it has been tested on

[x] Bluestack 5, version, android version xxx
[x] Nox, version, android version xxx
[x] LDPlayer 4, version, android version xxx
[x] Samsung 10, android version xxx
[x] Red mi 10, android version xxx

and when tester do their testing job then they could test on their own device + emulator that have been tested before (version can be disregarded except the major one such as Bluestack 5 instead of Bluestack 4)

This is to ensure that atleast, it actually prove that it's supported by which model, which platform, which version thus we can just go ahead load that exact emulator to use.

4. About Exclusive Mod

It would be nice if VIP could have another version of exclusive mod (that may verify license) which remove something that similar to watermark. such as always try to popup my phone browser to AR site until it fully load. I hate BM because of this and tends on like PM more since they have less aggressive in term of watermark.

That's all I can think of. hope this review will be helpful for both fellow users and AR team.



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This has to be the most detailed review I've seen to date. Thank you for your review, I've added 1 month of VIP to your account. @trekker
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