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First of all this is my first time subscription i already using vip in 20 days, but i already join in this web a two month ago at that time still just scrolling here while my vip ended in other web, but at that time i already read what the staff are doing in general, i know im just a new random guy from other web, but this is honest from what i feel in here, in general my score will be 9/10 Why like that ?
This is the comparison from other site :
1. The staff is fast response ( other day i have some trouble with a game i surprised the staff is reply my comment in the game thread in just one day, and giving a best solution)
2. Fast and responsible (i mean they are updating the vip game very fast, once it reported from member and 1-2 days the mod back to what they used to be)
3. Understanding and not giving excuse (i know sometime we need to wait, but is reasonable, the staff is explaining what is the problem in the making it)
4. The APK for VIP is very handy for dummy member (giving update, easy instalation, managing account, instruct how to giving any permission, and clasified the game it is make member who don't know how to extract things easy to manage their game)
5. Many interesting mod (ofc there are so many interesting mod and all of them is work, without any begging for update they will update it in no time)
6.The community is active, (other than giving excuse in general/vip chat and sharing other mod from others, the community is active giving other version of mod,and discussion)

I guess that is all for my first time experience thanks for reading, i know this is too long but i just wanna express what is in my experience, im not hoping the take and gift things only giving the honest review for thanking to this community
i absolutely will remain here though, thanks for those who recomended me
Thank you for your review, I've added 1 day of VIP to your account. @Gnkx
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