Roller Holler: Roller coaster simulation game on android. Reviews?


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Find Roller Holler on the Playstore.

The developers at Game Byte Studio bring you a unique Roller Coaster experience: Roller Coaster in outer Space! Play Roller Holler: Crazy Roller Coaster Simulator 2018 on the Playstore to go on a thrilling space expedition, topped with a roller coaster adventure of a life time!

Roller Holler takes you on a fascinating space journey, across planets, galaxies, meteorites and more. Buckle up on your roller coaster and prepare to be launched into space!


You start off from a state-of-the-art space station that throws you into space, where you then hold on tight as you zoom across the universe, enjoying the breath-taking view of the galaxies, planets, black holes, stars and much more! The graphics depict a mesmerizing picture of the universe, with detailed skies and planets that keep the users hooked. The developers at Game Byte Studio do deserve cookie points for the jaw-dropping space visualization that keeps the roller coaster journey even more interesting!



The graphics are accompanied by exciting gameplay: Control your roller coaster speed from a speed-meter, as you might derail at turns if you’re going too fast. Also, watch out for broken tracks and dead ends and change your tracks timely to get to the destination space-stops!



It might sound easy, but it’s a whole lot challenging and fun once you start. For all the space fanatics and thrill seekers, Roller Holler is a must-have for you guys. Good luck on the space venture!

Find it on the Playstore: Roller Holler: Crazy Roller Coaster Simulator 2018 - Android Apps on Google Play
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