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I make this guide for those who wondering how to edit Kingdom Rush Origins SaveGame (and their series, maybe).

The benefits is :
1. No need for Modded APK which make you can't connect to Google Play Games.
2. You can update the game (If you buy the game, coz its Paid Game).
3. Saved your progress, if you install a Shared (Unmodded) APK. So you don't have to start all over again.

First, we need ES File Explorer or Root Explorer

The main file of this game is ".Defaults.plist." located in : /data/data/com.ironhidegames.kingdomrushorigins/file/

1. Play the game a bit or that file won't show.
2. Closed app, Open Root Explorer or ES File Explorer (I Use This). Go to /data/data/com.ironhidegames.kingdomrushorigins/file/.Defaults.plist
3. Open & Edit with ES Note Editor (if use ES Explorer) or another Note Editor.
4. You can see below, that is List of Paid Heroes (the word "<key>elves_hero_****</key>"). Under each of them there is a word <false/>, means its Locked.

5. Try change <false/> to <true/>, apply to all of them. It will Unlock Paid Heroes.

6. Now, we Unlock All Paid Heroes. But we can do more. Lets try editing Gems and Gnome Shop Item.
7. Scroll down till you find this.

8. Lets try write on <integer>0</integer> to <integer>999999999</integer>, apply to all.

9. Now we already have Unlimited Gems and Gnome Items. But there is one more we can edit. Lets edit Heroes Level and Skill.
10. Scroll a little down till you found this.

11. Edit like this (Level = 10 & Skill = 3,3,3,3,3). You can do this to the rest below it.

12. After doing so much thing, then save the edited file (By pressing back button for ES Note Editor).

Voila, You just Hack/Edit Kingdom Rush Origins with so much thing.
Lets try Open the App to see it working or not.

Preview :

Hope you find it Entertained, and Helpful
Credit : Bonehart
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