Selling EVE Echoes T8 account - fully fitted RattleSnake - 16m sp - 700$ (buy EVE Echoes account)


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Selling EVE Echoes T8 Account - Fully Fitted RattleSnake - 16m SP - Close to 10b Assets - Price 700$ (USD)

Price 700$ (USD)

Hello everyone. I am selling my EVE Echoes account since I am bored and do not have time to play with other players.

The game requires too much teamwork, and I don't have that much time anymore.

The account is bound to a dummy Gmail account.

The Gmail account will be given to you with full details.

My account is T8 and have more than 16,000,000 SP

Account has all 3 SP Chips and has more than 31 days Duo Omega : 75 SP

Recently I have purchased a RattleSnake, and almost 100% max fitted it and properly skilled

Currently able to finish last part of T10 Angel or Devil storyline mission under 2 hours (all 5 waves including looting)

I did a full reskill after moving from BattleCrusier to BattleShip

In the inventory, there is a Prophecy ship as well, which has rigs installed

The skills are currently: Shield, Large Missiles, Large Drones, BattleShip, and some Trade

So the account is fully properly skilled for RattleSnake

If you want, I can show you the account live with screen sharing or uploading a video to a YouTube or google drive

I am posting 4 account images

I will continue farming ISK until the account is sold

Currently, the account has more than 200m ISK, and I am farming very fast if I play

The account has 1100+ PLEX

For contact my email :

I own my own corp - debt is paid

However, corp is very inactive

No one knows the account, so no one will even notice the account owner changed

I have played solo since the beginning, but the game requires too much cooperation with other people that is another reason why I sell

The account has account and avatar change chance for free

The account pictures are posted on the google drive folder as well: Update your browser to use Google Drive - Google Drive Help

I have sold 2 different game accounts previously on playerauctions. So I am kind of reputable

Here my previous accounts selling links

AFK Arena: Selling AFK Arena Game Account - Hero Level 289 - Max Hero Level ... | ID 149477495 |

Clash of Clans:

I accept Skrill and Patreon (you subscribe, make the donation, then cancel the subscription) as a payment (PayPal is banned in Turkey, and soon Skrill will be too)





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I love EVE Echoes, but i don't want to waste much time on farming EVE Echoes ISK. Do you also provide EVE Echoes ISK? And What's the price? I sent you an email.
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