[SOLD] Selling Shadowverse True High-End Account

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Dec 1, 2016
Want to Sell (Reopen because the buyer cancel his booking due to urgent money needing)
Shadowverse True High-End Account
Very active, play since Rage of Bahamut Expansion.

-Has GrandMaster in the Chronogenesis, Dawnbreak, and Altersphere Expansion before.
-499 Legendaries include dupes. (15 pages.)
-28 gold pages
-4 Exclusive gacha leaders: Cassiopeia, Albert, Daria, Spinaria
-All GBF & FATE HF Collab Leaders
-Lot of resources: 207k Vials and 7.2k rupies atm.
-11.1k Crystals Left (Yeah, estimated that I whaling about $200 on this game)
Crystals are only available on the Android Version.
Looking for $320 through Paypal
Negotiable but please no lowball that makes no sense.
If you decided to buy, please provide me your dummy FB account for transfer account-binding.
And if you have any questions regarding this account, message me.
Not open for further replies.