Outdated Star Wars™: Commander v. [god mode, dmg]

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Name: Star Wars™: Commander
Root: No

1.) god mode (music on)
2.) massive dmg (sfx on)

Install Steps:
0.) install bypass apk, pass through tutorial (new user only)
1.) install mod, let download data, play

Credits: BTG (EMT)
Playstore: Google Playstore
Original: original apk
Download: Star Wars Commander_v6.0.0.10394 FREE MOD @ AndroidRepublic.org-signed.apk
Star Wars Commander_v6.0.0.10394 FREE MOD @ AndroidRepublic.org-bypass.apk
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well, then install original PS for tutorial
next version, I'll give bypass version for tutorial
updated to 5.0 all
@BTG the bypass works great. After tutorial I install mod after which when you select campaign the yellow button to battle/build is hidden. Install bypass and it's there. So there is an issue with mod. Has anyone got this to actually work? Please explain steps thanks.

Tried on meme and Samsung tablet same result.

Edit- the bypass has no enemies (troops) just turrets for tutorial missions.
Works fine on Nox app, but not with my rooted Moto G4 DTV.
I installed the bypass apk, passed the tutorial, downloaded signed apk and installed, then when I open the game it says 'Commander stopped'.
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Do the Chapters not work with this mod? I can't seem to progress any further. I have the option to replay the Chapters, but no button to play the current chapter.

I've played past the tutorial, and I've synced my old game. God mode works. Thank you!

Thank you!
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