Public Steel And Flesh v2.0 build 56 [MEGA MOD]


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Jul 26, 2017

Name: Steel And Flesh
Version: 2.0 build 56

• Immortality
• 100 level
• Much money
• Increased damage
• Maximum accuracy
• Maximum leadership

Install Steps:
To "activate" the changes you need to click on "Continue game" - the game will start from the very beginning. If you click "New Game" then no changes will occur!

Character name and clan name can be changed in the options

If you need to start the game again, you need to clear the game data and click on "Continue game" again.

Minuses: Because of the peculiarities of the mod, you cannot independently choose a location where you will find yourself at the beginning of the game; when you first start, you will appear on the territory of the Roman Empire.

Credits: ?
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