Outdated Storm turret BT version Version: 2.5.2 (private server)


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Name: Storm turret
Version: 2.5.2
Root: No

1.) 【Note】: not love me to download the game registered account I can not provide rebate and other services, if you are not sure whether you love the registration, please re-register account, rebate please pay attention to love WeChat public number: aiwuyouxi, packs Please download the exchange code
BT modified content:
"Storm knife tower" on-line gift VIP4,10000 diamonds, 50W gold coins;
"Storm knife tower" the next day to send a small black, 7 to send 6 star Grom, open service to send 2W diamonds;
"Storm knife tower" operating a copy of the customs clearance can receive 300 diamonds, physical strength * 1, gold coins * 1W;
"Storm knife tower" recharge ratio of 1: 300, the first recharge can enjoy double rebate;
"Storm knife tower" cumulative login can get purple weapons, dark ranger * 1, advanced Dan and other props;
"Storm turret" first charge can get orange will * 1, purple weapon * 1, advanced Dan * 500, conquer point * 2W;
"Storm turret" continuous landing can be accumulated to receive 31,000 diamonds, the purchase of cards, can accumulate 35,000 diamonds;
"Storm knife tower" rebate or feedback issues please pay attention to love my WeChat public number: aiwuyouxi
"Storm knife tower" This game only account number in love my game to re-register under the account, thank you!
Open service information

Install Steps:
1.) Download and install

"Storm turret" is a magic theme of the Q version of the strategy card hand round hand tour. The game takes the classic card battle mode, through a different copy for the player to show the magic of the magical world of tribes, the league and the Burning Legion between the classic battle. Magnificent view of the world, exquisite Q Meng card, ever-changing career, formation with a convenient voice interactive system, people can not stop. Players can collect, synthesize cards to enhance the level, the combination of their strongest army.

Credits To: ?
Playstore Link:
Link is Broken
bfdtu8_801_2.apk - 89.5 MB
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