Exclusive STRIKERS 1945 Collection v1.0.6 (MODMENU)

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Junior Modding Team
Jun 12, 2020

Name: STRIKERS 1945 Collection
Version: 1.0.6
Root: No

Mod features:
Unlimited Everything (obtain something to get unlimited of it)

Install Steps:
If you have my old mod installed you can install directly over so skip to step 3
  1. Link your account to any social (simply backup your account)
  2. Uninstall your current version
  3. Download & Install the MOD (install over the old one if you used my previous mod
  4. enjoy
How to use:
  1. Open modmenu
  2. Use Switch to turn on cheat
Credits: BioIT
Playstore Link: STRIKERS 1945 Collection - Apps on Google Play
Download Link MOD:STRIKERS_1945_COLLECTION_1.0.6_bioit_arteam_modmenu.apk - 66.4 MB
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Junior Modding Team
Jun 12, 2020
[Attachment removed from Quotes]
Always cant conncect to server, so i got ban?
Yeah seems like it.
from what I see game pulls user info from their servers and if they flag you, you won’t be able to login even if the local ban is bypassed :/
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