The latest Android level-based plat-former is now available globally!



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Graffiti Cans Dash
is a creative plat-former on the popular “GD” franchise. Take control your graffiti cans and run as far in the walls that are built in blocks as you can! Just be sure to dodge the obstacles – they’re there to stop you from getting to the finish line which become more distant as the difficulty increased! It was picked by android players as the #1 in "Weekly Indie Games"!


There are random graffiti cans appears scattered throughout the wall. Collect them and you’ll have more material to use in edit mode, and in which you may create your own cans.

If you like Geometry Dash or Mr. Jump and so on, you may try it out. The first version is now available globally both for iOS and Android. That’s sure to bring more content in the near future. Keep tuned!

To check it out and download here:

Android: Graffiti Cans Dash - Android Apps on Google Play
iOS: Link is Broken
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