[TUTORIAL] How to HACK Redcon apk (Root)

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Aug 15, 2015
Hello, everyone. We meet again in another tutorial.
This time, let's try to modify values on Redcon apk using game guardian.
You can download them for free just google it okay.

This tutorial is created using Redcon version 1.2.0
Enjoy the video:

Low internet speed? No worries, brothers. Me too :D
So here are the steps:
  1. Open Redcon and complete the tutorials until you are level 2 and get the fortress you can set up.
  2. Open Game Guardian (GG) and don't forget to put thick on (SLOW) Memory search option.
  3. Search Dword Unknown.
  4. Minimize GG, open Redcon menu weapons etc, back and forth.
  5. Open GG, Unknown search unchanged, minimize again.
  6. Spend the money to buy a weapon.
  7. Open GG, Unknown search changed.
  8. Minimize GG, open and close redcon menu, Open GG again.
  9. Do unknown search, unchanged, scroll to 30.
  10. Minimize again, buy a weapon again, so basically you need to do these steps until you found result to 10 to 15 because you will do trial and error after this.
  11. Now, suppose there is 10 results, you are good to go.
  12. Open GG, copy Dword value and change anything to 0.
  13. Now open redcon open and close menu, take a look at the currency. If it changes, you can then change the 0 to -2000000000 (minus 2000000000). If not, change back the 0 into the previous values (you have copied it right)
  14. Repeat the step above and see again, do this until you see the currency is changing. If until 10 values you don't see your currency is changing, close the game, clear data and to #1. (If you don't want to do the tutorial again, you may want to copy the folder net.hexage.redcon inside of Root\data\data folder).
  15. Suppose your currency has changed, you can then edit another values by selecting the currency you have changed previously, and presss Go to.
  16. Here you will see so many data, remember that you will only need to change the closest data to the currency you have had before. Usually the data will contain 10 digits.
  17. Feeling confused? Comment below, or simply watch the video, brothers.
Thanks for reading this tutorial.
@DaemonXSoul Sir, so sorry for posting this without first having your permission.


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Aug 8, 2015
@Raydeen No problem, but please change the title of the topic, from "how to mod" to "how to hack" in both your threads.
Modding is a totally different thing than what your tutorials show.