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Apr 21, 2018
Dear staffs,
My paypal is currently locked and I've provided the information for it to be unlocked but will take some time.
I could not find a way to buy vip with any other payment option.
So I request for either a way to pay for vip
Or I ask you to extend my vip for a week or a month and when I buy vip (once my paypal is fixed, should be done within 5 working days), you can take the days off.
Like if u extend my vip by a week, when I buy it u can only add 3 weeks, or if u extend by a month you can just not add anything when I pay.

I can and will provide screenshot of my PayPal with the locked message, ( same PayPal I used to buy vip last 2 months.)

Hope you will be kind enough to help you.

Thank you ♥


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Apr 2, 2014
Check out these 2 links:
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