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Apr 2, 2014
Greetings members!

Have you been a VIP member in the past? Want to let others know of you experience as a VIP users? Post a review to let others know how our VIP contest is.

Note: If you never had VIP do not post on this thread. It's only for VIP reviews.
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Dec 3, 2014
VIP Content is excellent with mods to a lot of the most popular games.  The VIP mods here are better than any other site and the AR team know how to bypass protection like xigncode.  I also like the fast updating of mods and the licensing system to control leaks.  Thanks to all of the AR team for your hard work, you guys are the best.

Mod: Avabel Online 3.5.19

Mod Works perfectly
Saved me countless days of grinding increasing my level
Farming is quick and easy

(TIP) XP gained from user based raid summons is calculated from damage done, i got 58 million xp from a
Jabberwock summon where a normal high level player would get around 7 million xp

Dec 17, 2014
Mod: Summoners War v1.3.6 - Mod v4
- Extremely reliable;
- Works perfectly;
- Complies with precision everything it promises;
- It allows me to farm as equals with P2W (spending much less than they);

- We can not disable the speed and atk bonus as was possible in other mods (like Xmod);

Rating: 09/10 - Worth every cent.


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Dec 5, 2014
Even though the games in vip section aren't quite what I usually play, I tried most of them and like all the advantages it gave, also update time are awesome, and the new license system is a very good way to stop leeches, I'm vip in many sites but team AR is by far the best until now.
thank you very much.


Dec 14, 2014
I received a message as well asking to provide a review, which I'm assuming everyone in the VIP group received.

Since I am still fairly new myself, I'll be splitting the review in two parts, and putting in my two cents overall- AR as a whole, and the VIP portion of it.

AR is the perfect place if you are searching for something specific. The website is so user friendly and each section are so simplified that you hardly have to ask or look around to find what you are looking for. Though, the board categories could use a few more sections to generate more activity. Let's face it, whether you are a staff here, or a member, or even a guest, if you visit the board more than twice a day, it's hardly the content you are looking at, but other things such as who is online, recent posts, etc start to matter the more frequent you revisit AR.

From what I've observed so far from reading the chat, as well as previous posts, AR seems does not seem to need the money generated from the VIP subcriptions, or it would not turn down VIP applicants. Either the modders are doing this for charity, or for fun. As it stands now, the VIP section of the board is considerably more active than the public. Let's be honest, people did not randomly stumble to this website just for the "public" contents.

The fact that members could sign up, shell out $15-20 to gain vip access without anything else outside of the interview, renders the public section almost useless. I am a senior manager in a corporate recruiting department, and I know exactly how much coders/programmers are worth. The $15-20 monthly does not do justice for the hours and days the staff put into the releases they publish.

The interviews have recently been implemented, and so have the license. The fact of the matter is, neither one of these are "leak-proof" precautions put in place(each member at the moment are free to use licences on as many devices. Monitoring does not prevent anything if the releases are distributed in moderation. For such low membership fees, each member should only be given one license, and be required to purchase extra equivalent to VIP membership fees). If AR truly wanted worthwhile members deserving of its exclusive releases, it should require more than just the fee as a criteria. An example would be is to add additional sectional forums where members could discuss interests, general discussion, etc and impose a minimum of number posts prior to being eligible for VIP application. This method would require members constant visit to the board, reducing the chance of putting someone through who just signed up for VIP, download a release and share it back to other communities. Members who are currently in deep ties with other communities would probably be a little more reluctant with putting this much effort and time to bother with meeting the VIP criteria itself. This increases the chance of attracting quality and loyal members to AR. To put it simply, member should have to make some type of non monetary contributions in addition to the fees.

As far as VIP is concerned. I dont believe I have seen such excellent service and support elsewhere overall. The delivery times, and frequency that the releases are published are worth the title of VIP.
To make this simple you guys are doing a kick @$$ job. Updates are timely questions are answered almost immediately no matter what time it is seems like. No complaints here at all. My only advice would be DONT CHANGE A THING :)
Thanks for all you guys do and putting up with all of us haha.
Nov 17, 2014
Vip is definitely worth it! Good job guys .. :D the only thing I suggest is making a modded apk with just the xginecode3 bypass for people that are rooted that want to play the game with no mods because ur mods make u disconnect alot in pvp . So I would have to download and install the original apk to be able to play pvp without disconnecting. But I cant because im rooted. So it would be highly appreciated if u could make one with just the xginecode bypass so rooted tablets in phones can play without mods.