Vip review

Mar 1, 2017
Having purchased VIP a couple times throughout my course of mobile gaming, I have never been disappointed with the resources that the AR Team provides. The moderators are also extremely quick to help you with any difficulties that you may have regarding installation or setup of their many apks. I would say that if you're on the fence about the monthly price tag, the benefits you will get in your respective game will far outweigh the garbage you would probably get otherwise by spending the same money on a disappointing gacha pull.
Mar 1, 2017
Already using VIP ar mod for 1 weeks, and everything is fine, and also for the update is super fast, i recommend this to u guys (y)
Mar 1, 2017
Hey there all member from AR.
Maybe this is the second my review abour vip in this forum.

What can i say ?
Your Welcome~

Yes ! From all the android game mod forum .
AR still the best for me.

There is lot game that only team ar who can moded it.

And the game is updated too.
Even a new game !

And i really love with new system of purchase vip .

Now i can buy for 1 devicd,
I can buy for 2 device,
even 3 device.

So you can invite your friend and become vip member together.

Really love this forum.
Bless You Team AR.

Thank y