VIP Review


New User
May 2, 2018
This is my review for 1 month of the VIP account upgrade at Android Republic.

1. License and mod installation
I had the license installed on both my emulator and phone. Installation instructions were easy to follow, and I did not encounter any technical issues with the license nor any of the mods I used. Also my account was upgraded in less than 2 hours after paying, which is a pretty good response time.

2. Mod review (Grand Chase: Dimensional Chaser and Fate/Grand Order)
I mainly used the VIP mods for GCDC and FGO. None of my accounts were banned while playing with the VIP mods.

Starting with the GCDC mod, the only mod option was a rudimentary damage dealt/taken mod. It worked fairly well for the most part, but the mod effect also applies to certain summoned mobs. The side effect led to a few maps being very time-consuming or difficult to clear. For most content however, it worked well: Adventure, Wizlab, Annihilation, Dchasm, Raids, limited time school event. Do not use the mod in any type of PvP, Dual Raid, or World Boss.​
I highly recommend VIP for hardcore FGO players. Unlike the GCDC mod, the FGO mod offers a plethora of mod effects. The most helpful were increased game speed, auto-battle, god mode, and 1 hp enemies. All of those combined helped me farm a ton of Nerofest boxes. This mod is essential during any special event for effortless currency farming and challenge quest completion. One tip while using the mod would be to have your transfer code and password ready for a force update and to keep your eyes out for maintenance announcements. This way you can play on the official apk until the modders release an update.​
3. Value
At $20.00 USD, the VIP upgrade is just a tad expensive for my taste. I really wish the device license limit was at least 3, so that I could share that last slot with a friend or a tablet, while also having it installed on my emulator and phone. Either that or discounting the price by a few dollars would make the VIP upgrade much more worthwhile. If you're the type of person who whales in games to have an ingame advantage, you might end up saving time and money by just having VIP rather than buying a bunch of currency packs to roll gacha.

My overall rating for the VIP upgrade is ⭐⭐⭐ out of 4 stars. VIP upgrade is very easy to setup, has many supported games, and very safe to use under most circumstances.