What exactly is a "VIP" game?

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Jul 6, 2020
I used to play a lot on mobile, but I got into PC gaming and haven't touched the app store for two years since then. I discovered only recently that a lot of paid games (and some really good ones) on Google Play are regularly being offered for free, so I thought I'd try some out. While browsing, I noticed some of them are labeled VIP and I was wondering what these are. Are they actually premium games, or does "VIP" mean another thing?
Thanks https://9apps.ooo/


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Aug 8, 2015
VIP Games here on AR, are high-quality mods (cheats/hacks integrated into the game itself) for popular and/or difficult to mod games, that can only be found here on AR.

It is sometimes possible to find mods for those games in the Public section, or in the Premium/VIP section of other communities, but these are often of lower quality and are easier to be detected by game developers, compared to the ones we provide on AR.

To have access to these VIP games you need a VIP subscription, for more info on the matter, please check the FAQs: Here
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