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  1. Exclusive Kings Raid ver-4.8.9 (N0-Enemy)(WeakEnemy)(Bypass)(Skills)

    Normally I'd complain about the frequent game updates, but the amount of free stuff we get from Vespa is rather great. Its hell for mod updaters I suppose
  2. Exclusive Kings Raid ver-4.8.9 (N0-Enemy)(WeakEnemy)(Bypass)(Skills)

    That also means no friends for amity points. If you are rushing things with the mods you'll end up exposing yourselves
  3. Exclusive Kings Raid ver-4.8.9 (N0-Enemy)(WeakEnemy)(Bypass)(Skills)

    With all these non banable hell mode clears it sound like they gave up flagging them still not going to try it with mods tho. But will use it for hardmode gear atleast
  4. Exclusive Kings Raid ver-4.8.9 (N0-Enemy)(WeakEnemy)(Bypass)(Skills)

    If you cherish your account and feel abit paranoid using the mod then its probably best to not use it at all. Have atleast 2 accounts 1 for the mod and the other as your main account with legit play and ingame purchases.
  5. Exclusive Kings Raid ver-4.8.9 (N0-Enemy)(WeakEnemy)(Bypass)(Skills)

    Dont even think about Hell mode till you Transcended atleast twice. I got banned for doing it. Good thing I didn't spend alot of money, but they definitely calculate your team stats based on endgame chapter modes. Since I know what team I want I don't mind starting over without the mod
  6. Exclusive Kings Raid ver-4.8.9 (N0-Enemy)(WeakEnemy)(Bypass)(Skills)

    The front page needs to elaborate more on what we should "Not" use the mod with so it can eliminate repetitive questions and obvious future bans 1. Chapter Hell Modes/World Bosses 2. Endgame Chapters 6-7 under leveled/stars/gear 3. Any form of PVP Arena/Dragon Raids 4. Completing Towers Most of...
  7. Exclusive Kings Raid ver-4.8.9 (N0-Enemy)(WeakEnemy)(Bypass)(Skills)

    Im in the same boat but only did Hell mode on CH6 before reading this thread since I'm using a different version of the mod where there were barely any reports of being banned. I mainly did it for the loot drops to drastically enhance purple gear to +15 The only thing I can do is level up my...
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