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  1. Outdated Planet Commander v1.0 Mod

    make a backup of the playstore apk on your device using apkshare, taking the assembly c-sharp.dll from the modded apk and overwrite with the playstore apk, reinstall over existing version and you can use google login and the mod works but crashes when starting a match so you need to spend as...
  2. Outdated Planet Commander v1.0 Mod

    The game has been updated today, this needs an update
  3. Eldrian Legacy v1.41 [mod dmg]

    I have installed ps version and can play ok but when using the mod i get stuck on the starting page which alot of people people seem to be having problems with, obb was renamed back correctly after installing the mod so its not that, have even tried lp to remove license verification, the device...
  4. DeadTrigger 2 ver- 0.09.8

    cannot connect to google account but you can login via the madfinger account
  5. DeadTrigger 2 ver- 0.09.8

    thanks really needed mod 1, is there anyway to boost gold like auto complete with x2 reward?