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Exclusive 逆転オセロニア (Othellonia) v10.3.1 [win]
  • 126,631
  • 317
Name: 逆転オセロニア (Othellonia)
Version: 10.3.1
Root: No

  • Always win
Install Steps:
  • uninstall original game, Install modded apk & play
  • uninstall GG or memory editing tool first
  • some mods have ads to pay-off a small part of electricity bills, your support very much appreciated...
Exclusive JB Bacchus: High Tension IDLE RPG v1.2.8 [Damage Multiplier & More]
  • 53
  • 0
Modded/Hacked App: Bacchus: High Tension IDLE RPG By My Play Co., Ltd.
Bundle ID: com.myplay.bacchus
iTunes Store Link: ‎Bacchus: High Tension IDLE RPG
Jailbreak: Yes

Mod Features:
  • Currency Multiplier...
Exclusive 白猫プロジェクトShironeko Project v4.24.1 [7+FEATURES]
  • 15,164
  • 48
Name: 白猫プロジェクト
Version: 4.24.1
Root: No

Mod features:
1. Unlimited damage
2. Unlimited defense
3. Loots x1-100
4. Godmode
5. Unlimited mana
6. Atk speed
7. Movespeed

Note: Use it with care where ever you used, you might get banned.

Install Steps:

1. Download & Install mod...
Exclusive ラムの泉とダンジョン v2.0.21 [5+ FEATURES]
  • 22,137
  • 145
Name: ラムの泉とダンジョン Rums Spring And Dungeon
Version: 2.0.21
Root: No

Mod features:
1. Dumb enemy
2. Gold drop x1-10000
3. Rainbow crystal x1-10000
4. Exp x1-10000
5. Mission reward count x1-500

Install Steps:
1. Download & Install mod
2. Enable "DRAW OVER" or "DISPLAY POP-UP WINDOW" permission ([COLOR=rgb(251...
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