1. P

    Is Injustice 2 not moddable anymore?

    I haven't seen an Injustice 2 modded apk for a long time so just wondering
  2. User9000

    Help Protect classes.dex

    Hi can anyone tell me how to protect classes.dex?
  3. Anri Januar


    Hallo All Indonesia Member Saya ingin meminta bantuan kepada para Member yang ahli dalam hal cloning apk 1. Apakah ada Informasi prihal cara Cloning apk? Mohon bimbing Saya Misalnya: Dari 1 apk menjadi 30 apk 2. Atau adakah jasa yang dapat meng-cloning apk? Berapa harga Jasanya? Jika ingin...
  4. ricjonsu098

    Unable to install signed apk

    Hi guys I need help on installing a signed apk. So here's the scenario I created a mod, so I only have a non rooted phone so I signed the apk with zipsigner's auto-test key. This usually works but in this particular apk, even though I signed it, I'm unable to install it. Device: Xiaomi Redmi...
  5. M

    How to merge modded apks?

    Say one mod apk has x10 damage, and another one has infinite energy to use on maps, how would you merge (combine them together) the apk's together to form a modded apk with x10 damage and infinite energy?
  6. stelau4

    Outdated Combo Rush - Keep Your Combo (Unreleased) ver-1

    Name: Combo Rush - Keep Your Combo Version: 1 Root: NO Features: 1) Mass atk 2) Mass hp Install Steps: 1) Download bypass apk 2) Complete tut in game 3) Install mod apk 4) Start game and enjoy Credits: stelau4 - TeamAR Playstore Link...
  7. nxtxclr8

    Outdated Rusty Lake Paradise – Full Game Unlock Mod Apk

    Name: Rusty Lake Paradise Version: 1.0.8 Root: /No Mod: Full Game Unlock Install Steps: How to Install? Download the APK and install it Enjoy! Credits: Playstore Link: Google Playstore Download: rusty_lake_paradise.apk - 98.4 MB Mirror: rusty_lake_paradise.apk - 98.4 MB
  8. nxtxclr8

    Outdated Geometry Race 1.9.4 mod MOD Unlimited Money APK

    Name:Geometry Race Version:v1.9.4 Root: No Mod: Unlimited Money Install Steps: If the download link is not working, then let us know, we will update the download link. For that just Comment Down below. Credits: Playstore Link: Google Playstore Download:geometry-race-v1.9.4-mod.apk - 43.3...
  9. stelau4

    Outdated Bleach: Death Awakening ver-2.16.281

    Name: Bleach Death Awakening Version: 2.16.281 Root: No Features: 1) Instant death (Enemy jump at you and die) (This doesn't apply to boss) Install Steps: 1) Download mod apk 2) Install and enjoy Credits: stelau4 And Antiklor - Esclusive Modding Team ModLink Link: Bleach Death Awakening...
  10. D

    Outdated A Girl Adrift [v1.359] [18.12.2017] [UPDATED]

    Name: 표류소녀 - Girl Adrift Version: 1.359 Images: Root: Yes (unsigned .apk) and No (signed .apk) Mod: 1. All Currencies (Always can afford/Increasing) (did it entirely myself but is probably exactly the same as the others.) 2. You will always be set to max LvL same for your pet. 3. 10x DMG...
  11. A

    Outdated Plants vs. Zombies 2.0.10 Mod (Infinite Sun,Coins)

    Name:Plants vs. Zombies Version:2.0.10 Root:No Mod: 1.)Infinite Sun 2.)Coins Install Steps: 1.)Download from link below install and complete Credits:AlbPro Playstore Link: Google Playstore Download Normal:Here Download Mod Apk:Here
  12. Housam

    Outdated Masala Express: Cooking Game - VER. 1.1.5

    Name: Masala Express: Cooking Game Version: 1.1.5 Root: No mod Features: 1. 999 Coin Tips From Each Customer 2. Coins Increase On Each Purchase/Upgrade 2. Unlimited Supplies = No Cost 3. Three Guaranteed Stars On Each Mission Even on Low Scores 4. Priya Speed Multiplied Credit: Housam...
  13. Housam

    Outdated Alcatraz Pixel Prison Heist Gangster Escape Room - VER. 1.5

    Name: Alcatraz Pixel Prison Heist Gangster Escape Room Version: 1.5 Root: No mod Features: 1. God Mode = Max Shield + Max Health 2. Unlimited Coins 3. ADS-Free Purchased 4. Character Skins Purchased Credit: Housam (ME) - Wolverine BUB! Install steps: 1. Remove playstore version 2...
  14. Housam

    Outdated Tap Tap Reborn 2: Popular Songs Rhythm Game - VER. 1.8.4

    Tap Tap Reborn 2: Popular Songs Rhythm Game Version: 1.8.4 Root: No Internet Network: Yes mod Features: 1. VIP + Premium User 2. Unlimited Rubies 3. Never Get (Bad) Records When Doing Mistake In Any Session 4. Level 100 = No Need To wait To Level Up To buy High Level Songs 5. Premium Offers...
  15. Housam

    Outdated Witchdom - Candy Match 3 - VER. 1.5

    Name: Witchdom - Candy Match 3 Version: 1.5 Root: No mod Features: 1. Coins Increase 2. Spins increase 3. Boosters Increase 4. Lives Increase Credit: Housam (ME) - Wolverine BUB! Install steps: 1. Remove playstore version 2. Install mod APK 3. Enjoy Playstore Link: Google Playstore...
  16. Housam

    Outdated Caveboy GO - VER. 1.0.4

    Name: Caveboy GO Version: 1.0.4 Root: No mod Features: 1. 10 Level As Head Start On Each New Mission/Level 2. Revives Increase Instead Of One Revive On Each mission Loss 3. Characters Unlocked Credit: Housam (ME) - Wolverine BUB! Install steps: 1. Remove playstore version 2. Install mod...
  17. Housam

    Outdated Pinball Deluxe: Reloaded [Online Competitions] - VER. 1.5.7

    Pinball Deluxe: Reloaded - VER. 1.5.7 Google Store Link Hacks: 1. Unlimited TIX 2. All Tables Unlocked Download Mod Link: https://dailyuploads.net/jigfqh9f7c7d Credit: Housam (ME) - Wolverine BUB!
  18. Housam

    Outdated Care Bears Music Band - VER. 1.0.5

    Care Bears Music Band - VER. 1.0.5 Google Store Link Hacks: 1. All Packages Bought 2. All Items Unlocked Download Mod Link: https://dailyuploads.net/mwo2h00tcj9q Credit: Housam (ME) - Wolverine BUB!
  19. Housam

    Outdated June's Journey - Hidden Object - VER 1.1.4

    June's Journey - Hidden Object - VER 1.1.4 Google Play Store Link: June's Journey - Hidden Object - Android Apps on Google Play mod Features: 1. Unlimited Diamonds 2. Unlimited Coins 3. Unlimited Compasses 4. Unlimited Energy 5. Unlimited Star Boxes *NEW 6. Unlimited Mastery Boxes *NEW...
  20. Housam


    NON-ROOTED & ROOTED USERS Episode - Choose Your Story VER. 7.01.0+g Google Store Link The best way to have (Episode - Choose Your Story VER. 7.01.0+g) passes and gems! But be warned though, if you already installed the latest play store version on your phone, it might not work in some...