1. Do's and don'ts for to avoid being banned

    I'm very curious to know the limit of what "abuse" is. I've been researching bypass detection methods, mods, cheats, etc. And even so, I didn't come to a conclusion about what "abuse" would be. So I'm opening it up and asking you to contribute to this list. Common methods they use to detect...
  2. Outdated Ban Kai ! v.1.3.0 [weak enemies, vip]

    Name: Ban Kai ! Version: 1.3.0 Package: com.qfoxgames.bankai Root: No Mod: 1.) weak enemies 2.) max VIP 3.) 10x dmg, 10x def Notes: 1.) play original apk first till you get VIP 1 in game, can't remember what the perks for VIP 1 2.) max VIP so far only gave 3x speed, no idea what other perks...
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