Do's and don'ts for to avoid being banned

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I'm very curious to know the limit of what "abuse" is. I've been researching bypass detection methods, mods, cheats, etc. And even so, I didn't come to a conclusion about what "abuse" would be.

So I'm opening it up and asking you to contribute to this list.

Common methods they use to detect cheats and ban players:
- "Weak" players who grind too quickly
- Comparing your stats to the stats of other players with the same level/rank
- Time of play comparate with diamonds/money/legendary itens
- Your stockpile of premium stuff, even if you've never spent a penny on the game.
- ???

What to avoid to avoid being banned:
- Exercise patience: Avoid rushing through the game by leveling up too quickly, as it may attract attention. Learn when it's appropriate to use cheats sparingly.
- Use moderate multipliers: Test and understand your base values before applying multipliers. Don't excessively inflate your stats beyond what's necessary to avoid detection.
- Maintain a low profile: Stay under the radar by avoiding conspicuous behavior, such as spending large amounts of in-game currency all at once, especially in popular games where developers are vigilant against cheats. Instead, spread out your spending over time.
- Avoid activating all mod functions simultaneously or leaving them on indefinitely. For instance, leaving an insta-kill feature permanently enabled increases the risk of detection by anti-cheat systems.
- ???

Feel free to add things to the list, after all, that's what I'm looking for. I will use it as well.
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