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  1. G

    City Public Bus Driving 2018

    Hi all. I've been looking for engaging bus simulation games and have tried out a lot on the Playstore. Read further if you're interested in simulation games or buses or driving or all three :P So having done my research and usually being frustrated with either the easiness of several games or...
  2. H

    [TUTORIAL]How to add a popup toast message in game startup

    BEFORE WE START THE TUTORIAL PLEASE READ [Requirements] 0. A working brain 1. A Computer 2. The apk file, obviously 3. dex/Apk decompiler with xml decoding support eg.(Apktool) 4. Text editor (Notepad++, Sublime Text, Atom, notepad) [Info] What exactly are we trying to do? *see image* Pretty...
  3. NonostanteGames

    Beta testers needed - Aedo Episodes

    A logic puzzle game about a hero's destiny you can't control Facebook page Twitter: @AedoEpisodes Gameplay You have no control of the hero. You have to manipulate the environment, beat puzzles, solve minigames and complete sidequests to allow the hero succeed in the journey...
  4. P

    The latest Android level-based plat-former is now available globally!

    Graffiti Cans Dash is a creative plat-former on the popular “GD” franchise. Take control your graffiti cans and run as far in the walls that are built in blocks as you can! Just be sure to dodge the obstacles – they’re there to stop you from getting to the finish line which become more distant...
  5. C

    new android phone octacore, need games

    Hello! I recently had a new phone, it's an android one. Octacore, good for gaming and i have 32 gb memory card for it. I'm recently looking for games that I always loved back when I was using a different phone and finding similar games like them: This is among all those that I am fond of...