1. stelau4

    Exclusive Battle of heroes ver-10.70.91

    Name: Battle of Heroes Version: 10.70.91 Root: No Mod Menu whats included: 1. x100 Attack 2. x100 Health 3. x10 Attack speed 4. x5 Move speed 5. x50 skill damage 6. x50 defence Note1: How to get menu at login screen easy click back button On device or emu ie bluestcks nox or memu. Note2: At...
  2. AndyLee

    Exclusive (JP) Battle Girl High School V1.2.55 [weak enemy]

    No.26 Name : 戰鬥女孩 高校 Battle Girl High School バトルガール ハイスクール Server : JP Version : 1.2.55 Root : No Upload date : 20190509 **** Weaken the enemy (MENU - option - lens settings - to play nirvana (ON - enemy weakened, OFF - original)) Automatic fighting unlimited times three star clearance Link...