1. Ciil

    [Tutorial] How to use two versions of BlueStacks

    Heyho, maybe a few people already noticed that some games (e.g. SaO:IF or Darkness Rising) won't work on Bluestacks 3N or Bluestacks 4. Those games work mostly (maybe not all, can't say, as the few games I tried are working) in older versions whitout N(ougat). Because I wanted to use BS4 for...
  2. R

    Obb Bluestacks

    Can someone tell me how to put an obb file using bluestacks on the mac book
  3. SamTheoAwesome

    Packet editing android games through Bluestacks/Nox (Question)

    Hey guys, I have found a small number of games that have very limited exploitation through the use of memory editors and modding save files etc (to my knowledge), so I thought I could try to use Packet Editing Software to intercept the packets between the server and my virtual device. However...
  4. Blythe74

    7 Guardians (Game Guardian/Game Hacker)

    Does 7 guardians have a built-in anti-mod? Every time I try to use one of those programs it auto-kills itself. Using latest rooted Bluestacks.
  5. dutcjoc

    Blestacks: multiple sessions

    Hi there, a simple question: is it possible to run multiple sessions of Bluestacks on the same time? If so, how to proceed? Tnx in advance for any tip Cheers :) :)

    Unsigned apps in bluestacks?

    Hello guys, new in the forums so I have a question. Can we install unsigned apps in bluestacks? I tried to install modded chain chronicle JPN and Phantom Of The Kill JPN in bluestacks and many other emulators and all throw me a "No certificates" error when installing and the apks don't...