1. Bug?with modded apks

    Recently, a lot of modded games have this block with the title on top in the APK. Some examples I've encountered are lost zero ans monster cry eternal just to name a few. The block actually cuts of the full screen so we can't select some buttons. Im using an S8 phone if that helps, and when i...
  2. V

    Summoners War Toa 99 Bug

    Pq Qnd tem um Leo em qlqr Lugar do Jogo o Hack Buga? Sobe a Barra só do Léo Inimigo Queria Saber se Tem como resolver e.e
  3. Download Bug

    Hey AndroidRebuplic, Let me just start this story.... I was just playing fallout shelter on my android device it was a awsome game but i wasn't really good at it. So i decided to download a mod for the game on AndroidRebuplic. I uninstalled the app, put the obb file in the right map and then i...
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