game guardian

  1. rustamsteep

    mod Coin in My Cofee 2019 GameGuardian

    Hello friends. Here's a working method for modding the game my coffee shop. Maybe he already has on the forum. If so, tell me and I will remove the post. VIDEO URL: Взлом монет и опыта в игре "Моя Кофейня" 2019 - #GameGuardian
  2. R

    Outdated Last Day On Earth Survival 1.7.3 - FREE In App Purchases (Android - ROOT)

    Requirements For This: Rooted Android Device - ( Easy BlueStacks Root Below ) GameGuardian - ATLEAST 350 Coins ( I recommend more --> If you need more coins start with the resource pack ) (DATA IDs WILL NOT BE THE SAME ON EVERYONES DEVICE, so if you see...
  3. Dean Dre

    Mobile Legends Bang Bang with Game Guardian

    Hello everyone!:D:D:D well i saw much tutorial videos in youtube hacks achievement and i played mobile legends with new account use game guardian for two games ( above cant be moded cz playing with humans not bots *my experience). I just mod Attack and Healt Point. can i ask how to mod this KDA...
  4. afarina1

    Hackable games Big List!

    I have been using Game Guardian to try out simple modding on a bunch of games, some I was successful, some not. Here is a list of games that are mod-able with Game Guardian. ENJOY! In no Particular order.
  5. S

    Pocket Mortys[GG] - Campaign & Multiplayer hacks

    Name: Pocket Mortys Version: 2.2.9 Download: Playstore Root: Yes(For GG) What is needed: GameGuardian What is possible: Campaign: Edit Schmeckles(Currency) Edit Blips and Chitz Coupons(Premium Currency) Duplicate Mortys Edit Morty Stats(Dimension#, HP, ATK, DEF, SPD, AP) Edit Item Quantity...
  6. Blythe74

    7 Guardians (Game Guardian/Game Hacker)

    Does 7 guardians have a built-in anti-mod? Every time I try to use one of those programs it auto-kills itself. Using latest rooted Bluestacks.
  7. Tammy Roy

    Script [GGuardian] Gladiator Heroes 1.7.2 mod. [Root]

    INFORMATION: Game Name: Gladiator Heroes Version: 1.7.2 Playstore Link: com.generagames.gladiatorheroes Publish Date: April 29, 2017 Credit: @tammyroy Root Required: YES mod Type Crystal mod! Apps Used 1. Game guardian. Steps : MULTI MOD. Link is Broken NOTE : More Tricks...