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  1. Harvest Towm repair hack with Game Game guardian

    Game link: Harvest Town - Apps on Google Play
  2. Hervest town daily mission and anniversary event hack with game guardian

    Game link: Harvest Town - Apps en Google Play Game guardame link: https//
  3. Evil Hunter Tycoon mod request purchase at trading post with Game Guardian

    You need Game Guardian to do this Toturial in here
  4. Hack Coin in My Cofee 2019 GameGuardian

    Hello friends. Here's a working method for hacking the game my coffee shop. Maybe he already has on the forum. If so, tell me and I will remove the post. VIDEO URL: Взлом монет и опыта в игре "Моя Кофейня" 2019 - #GameGuardian
  5. Outdated Last Day On Earth Survival 1.7.3 - FREE In App Purchases (Android - ROOT)

    Requirements For This: Rooted Android Device - ( Easy BlueStacks Root Below ) GameGuardian - ATLEAST 350 Coins ( I recommend more --> If you need more coins start with the resource pack ) (DATA IDs WILL NOT BE THE SAME ON EVERYONES DEVICE, so if you see...
  6. Mobile Legends Bang Bang with Game Guardian

    Hello everyone!:D:D:D well i saw much tutorial videos in youtube hacks achievement and i played mobile legends with new account use game guardian for two games ( above cant be moded cz playing with humans not bots *my experience). I just mod Attack and Healt Point. can i ask how to mod this KDA...
  7. Hackable games Big List!

    I have been using Game Guardian to try out simple hacking on a bunch of games, some I was successful, some not. Here is a list of games that are hack-able with Game Guardian. ENJOY! In no Particular order.
  8. Pocket Mortys[GG] - Campaign & Multiplayer hacks

    Name: Pocket Mortys Version: 2.2.9 Download: Playstore Root: Yes(For GG) What is needed: GameGuardian What is possible: Campaign: Edit Schmeckles(Currency) Edit Blips and Chitz Coupons(Premium Currency) Duplicate Mortys Edit Morty Stats(Dimension#, HP, ATK, DEF, SPD, AP) Edit Item Quantity...
  9. 7 Guardians (Game Guardian/Game Hacker)

    Does 7 guardians have a built-in anti-hack? Every time I try to use one of those programs it auto-kills itself. Using latest rooted Bluestacks.
  10. [GGuardian] Gladiator Heroes 1.7.2 mod. [Root]

    INFORMATION: Game Name: Gladiator Heroes Version: 1.7.2 Playstore Link: com.generagames.gladiatorheroes Publish Date: April 29, 2017 Credit: @tammyroy Root Required: YES Hack Type Crystal Hack! Apps Used 1. Game guardian. Steps : MULTI MOD. Link is Broken NOTE : More Tricks...
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