genki heroes

  1. Exclusive Genki Heroes v.1.0.5 [dmg, dumb enemies,unlimited skills]

    Name: Genki Heroes Alias: 元気の英雄 Version: 1.0.5 Package: com.jollity.genki Root: No Mod: 1.) dumb monsters 2.) increase dmg 3.) unlimited mana Notes: 1.) PVP enemies have increased dmg/mana too, make sure you kill them before they do or use normal apk if wish to play normal in PVP 2.) FB login...
  2. Outdated Genki Heroes 1.0.5

    Name : GENKI HEROES Version : 1.0.5 Playstore Link: 元気の英雄 – Applications Android sur Google Play ROOT : No Installation: Just install game over old version. MODS: 1. HIGH WISDOM/CRITICAL DAMAGE/ CRIT 100% CHANCE 2. FURY ALWAYS USABLE EVERY ROUND(RED THING IN BOTTOM RIGHT CORNER) USING...
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