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  1. Bungsil

    Battle Royale: Ultimate Show v.0.47 MOD

    Name : Battle Royale: Ultimate Show Version : 0.47 Root : No Mod : 1.) Skill No CD 2.) Skill Charge always full Note : 1.) Dont to much use skill not CD!! (Connection will error) Credit : Bungsil JMT Download : MOD Download : Apkpure(apk+obb)
  2. stelau4

    Soul Awakening 1.3.0

    Name: Soul Awakening Version: 1.3.0 Root: NO Features: 1) Instant death (Enemy jump out and die) Please note does not apply to boss 2) x50 Mana 3) No skill cooldown Install Steps: 1) Download mod apk 2) Download zip file from mega 3) Extract zip and place folder with obb inside in android/obb...
  3. icry4u

    Valiant Force v1.25.0 ( Mod )

    Name of game: Valiant Force Version: 1.25.0 Root: No Mod1 ( Risky...! ) 1- 1Hit 2- God Mode Mod2 ( Safe ) 1- Half HP 2- Half Damage Install Steps: - Install the mod - Enjoy Credits: Icry4u - EMT Playstore Link: Valiant Force APK Download Link: Mod 1 : Valiant...
  4. icry4u

    The Sims™ Mobile v10.0.0.153919 ( Currency Mod )

    Name of game: The Sims™ Mobile Version: Root: No Mods: 1- Buy any forniture to get massive Cash and Simoleons Install Steps: - Install the mod - Enjoy Video : Some Notes you should know : Once you use the mod link your account to Facebook account.... your cash and...
  5. D

    Request Fishing Strike

    Game Name: FishingStrike APK Download - Free Sports GAME for Android | APKPure.com com.netmarble.fishingstg Current Version 1.11.7 Google play store : https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.netmarble.fishingstg - not available on apkpure yet Functions you want to mod: High normal...
  6. Death GOD 7

    Any Idea How To MOD Games That Have *.SO Files?

    HELP? I know that it can be hacked from IDA Pro and I hacked small game(Mini Militia) with it but I want to learn more and Mod it perfectly. Any admins/moderator/members here who can teach me? BTW : I used to Mod only unity games (Assembly-CSharp.dll) #Regards7
  7. icry4u

    Grimms Notes v1.1.2 ( GodMod , 1 Hit )

    Name of Game : Grimms Notes Version: 1.1.2 Root needed? : No Play Store : Grimms Notes - Android Apps on Google Play Original apk : Grims Notes Mod Features : 1- God Mod 2- 1 Hit Instructions: - Install the mod - Enjoy Notes : - As per any mods there is always a chance of getting banned...
  8. stelau4

    Bleach: Death Awakening ver-2.16.280

    Name: Bleach Death Awakening Version: 2.16.280 Root: Yes Features: 1) Instant death (Enemy jump at you and die) (This doesn't apply to boss) Install Steps: 1) Download mod apk 2) Install and enjoy Credits: stelau4 And Antiklor - Esclusive Modding Team ModLink Link: Bleach Death Awakening...
  9. P

    League Of Stickman Upcoming Hacked Save File

    I am currently making a hacked save file for the newest version of League Of Stickman which is v5.0.1.. This is my first post in this web but I will be posting more hacked save file in the future. Note: Only for rooted devices, savefile by TitaniumBackup, later version of unrooted devices save...
  10. destruction

    GTA 5 Beta v1.7

    Name: GTA 5 Los angeles crimes Version: 1.7 Root: Yes/No Internet conectiom: No NOTE: this game is still under development Instructions: 1.download apk 2.install apk 3.open & enjoy Gameplay video: Credits To: Mohammad Alizade Apk: Download Los Angeles Crimes apk
  11. B4RCODEZ

    Pointblankstrike Gameguardian Aimbot Auto-kill

    Poinblank my strike Mod with Gameguardian(rooted) 1.download Gameguardian and Lua script 2.Open game and Gameguardian 3. Selected process 4.Excute script 5.Enjoy Script Lua PBStrike Mod Menu Game guardian :GameGuardian Video tutorial
  12. icry4u

    Civilization Era v1.0.4 ( No Mana , Unlimited Troops , No Spawn CD )

    Name of Game : Civilization Era Version: 1.0.4 Root needed? : No Play Store : Civilization Era - Android Apps on Google Play Original apk : Civilization Era Apk Mod Features : 1- Always Full Mana 2- Unlimited Troops ( You can spawn as many troops as you want inside battle ) 3- No Spawn CD (...
  13. D

    A Girl Adrift [v1.359] [18.12.2017] [UPDATED]

    Name: 표류소녀 - Girl Adrift Version: 1.359 Images: Root: Yes (unsigned .apk) and No (signed .apk) Mod: 1. All Currencies (Always can afford/Increasing) (did it entirely myself but is probably exactly the same as the others.) 2. You will always be set to max LvL same for your pet. 3. 10x DMG...
  14. InitOtayTUbIG

    Request Musuo glory mod

    Game Name: Musuo glory - Game Version: 8.0 - APK Link: Musou Glory for Android - APK Download - Cheat Requested: damage x20 def x20 - Are you rooted?: yes/no - Have you used any cheat engines?: tried editing db file located at suyou>client>lua config>skill.db but takes no effect. in immortal...
  15. Simar

    MY HOSPITAL: Build and Manage - VER. 1.1.43 +4 [MEGA MOD]

    Name: My Hospital Version: 1.1.43 Root Needed: Yes/No Playstore: https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.cherrypickgames.myhospital Hacks: 1. Unlimited Hearts/Diamonds 2. Unlimited Coins 3. Lvl 99 [NEW] 4. Everything Unlocked [NEW] INSTALLATION: [Signed APK - Non-Root or Root] 1. Go...
  16. Toxik

    PokerHeros Mega Mods

    Name: PokerHeros Version: 2.06 Root: No Mod: 1.)Unlimited coin (finish tutorial first) + maxXp (lvl 500) +GodMod and other Install Steps: 1.) intall apk 2.) Enjoy Credits: Toxik_Naylor (me :p) Playstore Link: Google Playstore Download: mod1:Link is Broken les modders francais...
  17. Toxik

    Choppa Mod : GodMod/speedMax....

    Name:Choppa Version:lastest Root: No Mod: 1.) GodMod(UnimitedArmor)/SpeedMax(PowerMax+1) 2.)Same + Coin x2 Install Steps: 1.)install apk 2.)Enjoy Credits: Toxik_Naylor (me :p) Playstore Link: Google Playstore Download:Mod 1:Link is Broken Mod 2:Here
  18. Housam

    Masala Express: Cooking Game - VER. 1.1.5

    Name: Masala Express: Cooking Game Version: 1.1.5 Root: No Mod Features: 1. 999 Coin Tips From Each Customer 2. Coins Increase On Each Purchase/Upgrade 2. Unlimited Supplies = No Cost 3. Three Guaranteed Stars On Each Mission Even on Low Scores 4. Priya Speed Multiplied Credit: Housam...
  19. Housam

    Alcatraz Pixel Prison Heist Gangster Escape Room - VER. 1.5

    Name: Alcatraz Pixel Prison Heist Gangster Escape Room Version: 1.5 Root: No Mod Features: 1. God Mode = Max Shield + Max Health 2. Unlimited Coins 3. ADS-Free Purchased 4. Character Skins Purchased Credit: Housam (ME) - Wolverine BUB! Install steps: 1. Remove playstore version 2...
  20. Housam

    Tap Tap Reborn 2: Popular Songs Rhythm Game - VER. 1.8.4

    Tap Tap Reborn 2: Popular Songs Rhythm Game Version: 1.8.4 Root: No Internet Network: Yes Mod Features: 1. VIP + Premium User 2. Unlimited Rubies 3. Never Get (Bad) Records When Doing Mistake In Any Session 4. Level 100 = No Need To wait To Level Up To buy High Level Songs 5. Premium Offers...