1. How To Unlink Unity Functions (IL2CPP)

    Well modding Android Games is fun and I wanted to completely kill a function so I did some research. Imagine we have a Character Class, this class has an Update function, and this class also has a function something like this private void Die(); Yeah I know, it's not that crazy but I'm trying...
  2. Announcing the release of Il2CppInspector 2

    Hey folks, I've been working on an overhaul of Il2CppInspector for the last few months and I feel like it's now at a place where I'm ready to share it! I believe this new build has the most accurate, comprehensive and customizable output and the most robust file format and architecture support...

    I noticed some people are still going through this problem: -- Fixes -- 1. il2cppdumper files, metadata, and .so file are all in same folder 2. Use il2cppdumper latest version Latest version here 3. Correct unity version 4. Try different mode 5. Game has protection against dump, you...
  4. Help with il2cpp

    Can anyone help me with editing float in hex editor For armv7 If u can help thanks
  5. advanced modding il2cpp question

    I had written some mods for a game, and as a result the developers started using IL2CPP. I am familiar with IL2CPP and how you go about modding it. My question is if I know the implementation of the C# code, is there any way to inject it at the inspected offset. let's say IL2CPPDumper reveals...
  6. Deobfuscation il2cpp

    Hello everyone, I got into the hands of one game on unity c il2cpp, but after dumping, I saw the obfuscation of bee byte. If, there were dll, it would be easier, but not here). Someone knows how to bring in a more readable kind of dump or DummyDll. Thank you for your help)
  7. Help me mod IL2CPP game

    i am newbie, any one teach me how to edit code from i have : i want edit: private static int set_hp(IntPtr L); // 0xF911CC but i don`t know change values in Il2Cpp ? any help me, thanks
  8. Advanced Mod Menu [il2cpp][Java/C++]

    Hello, a friend and I have created a mod menu for a game called pixel gun 3d and it uses il2cpp. We have made a java injection mod menu for it and I just wanted to stop by and show it. Also, just to be clear this game DOES NOT use C# and is not moddable with dnspy or .net reflector . This was...
  9. IL2CPP Games

    dontrread Introduction >What is il2cpp? From An introduction to IL2CPP internals – Unity Blog The technology that we refer to as IL2CPP has two distinct parts. An ahead-of-time (AOT) compiler A runtime library to support the virtual machine The AOT compiler translates Intermediate Language...
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