1. Marauder

    Outdated Pixel Kingdom v1.16 Mod

    Name: Pixel Kingdom Version: 1.16 Root Needed?: No PlayStore: Pixel Kingdom - App Android su Google Play Mod: -66666666 Coins -Cost of unit -66666666 Gems -Bonus Gold: 66666666 How to install?: -Download Mod APK -Install and Enjoy (play the game without internet connection) Download: Normal...
  2. Bonehart

    [ROOT]Editing Kingdom Rush Origins SaveGame

    Hi, I make this guide for those who wondering how to edit Kingdom Rush Origins SaveGame (and their series, maybe). The benefits is : 1. No need for Modded APK which make you can't connect to Google Play Games. 2. You can update the game (If you buy the game, coz its Paid Game). 3. Saved your...