1. icry4u

    Exclusive Knighthood v1.1.4 (ROOTED Only )

    Name: Knighthood Version: 1.1.4 Root: Yes Mod: x1 - x5 Damage Install Steps: 1) Make sure you download and do the Obb trick first follow this: Obb Trick 2) Make sure you put KH.txt in your root storage /sdcard/KH.txt or /storage/emulated/0 / KH.txt 3) Install original apk file - sign into...
  2. E

    Outdated Knights Fight: Medieval Arena - VER. 1.0.8

    Name:Knights Fight: Medieval Arena Version: 1.0.8 Root: Yes/No Mod: 1. Unlimited Coins 2. Unlimited Medals 3. Unlimited Silver 4. Unlimited Energy Install Steps: 1. Go to PlayStore and download 'Knights Fight: Medieval Arena' 2. After finished downloading, go inside the game 3. Go out after a...