1. rafaavellarr

    CSR 2 - trb file

    Guys, i have participated in a crew that used trb modifiers in order to earn up to 300k rp per pilot per day. im not actually sure how it works but i have some files. all i know from this is when you receive the file, you go into a certain directory in your game file and substitute this trb for...
  2. S

    Help with libcocos2djs

    Help me how to mod game with I can't find ATK,DEF,HP,etc . . . I want to make the enemies weak, so i following the tutorial at Approved - How to mod games with LIBs (not Unity) and when I try to search ATK, attack, DEF, HP, MaxHP, etc. . . I can't find anything. Please help me
  3. J

    Public King’s Raid v3.47 Mod APK vv3.47 Update [MOD]

    Name: King’s Raid v3.47 Mod APK Version: v3.47 Root: No Mod: Mod info: 1. God Mode (PvE) 2. High Attack Install Steps: How to install? Download and install Tutorial apk from below (If you are first time playing this Game) Play the Game and finish tutorial Download and install modded apk...
  4. icry4u

    Exclusive Blustone 2 - #1 Adventure Anime RPG! v2.1.5.2 ( Mod )

    Name of game: Blustone 2 - #1 Adventure Anime RPG! Version: Root: No Mods: x10 Damage / Defense Install Steps: Install the mod Enjoy Notes: The mod might not work on all areas of the game ( specially the in cruise missions ) By using this mod you take any ban risk comes with...
  5. icry4u

    Exclusive Harbingers Infinity War v1.7.61(1902191702) ( Mod )

    Name of game: Harbingers Infinity War Version: 1.7.61(1902191702) Root: No Mods: 1- Damage ( x1 - x10 ) ( Use the Music slider ) 2- Defense ( x1 - x10 ) ( Use the Sound Effect Slider ) Notes: - To Activate the mod go to your account profile > go to settings > Voice >Music is for Damage and...
  6. garilla

    Nyari temen / Guild Toram yang sama2 pake mod AR

    Lagi nyari temen maen toram sudah ada kah guild nya yang isinya member AR semua? kalo belum mari kita bikin dari awal, kalo ada bisa invite kah? sepi maen nyolo mulu. Untuk info lebihnya bisa PM ane atau wa Note untuk temen2 AR yang kenal ane biasa wa di +1 nomor nya uda gak aktif ya, add wa...
  7. User9000

    Help Protect classes.dex

    Hi can anyone tell me how to protect classes.dex?
  8. BAYuudachi

    Script Azur Lane EN v2.0.31 [MOD Update 24 May after hotfix]

    Name: Azur Lane EN Version: 2.0.31 Root: No Mod: AZUR LANE EN MOD work after 24 May hotfix Feature God mode Weakenemy damage cooldown For password PM my page : BAYuudachi Install Steps: 1. Make sure you have installed a clean updated version of Azur Lane from playstore. 2. Have it download...
  9. enkin

    Script Mobile Legends Radar Map mod. Easy RANK BOOST

    Hello guys, it helps you get easy RANK Boost in Mobile Legends by using Radar Map mod. Use it on your own risk and be carefully. Mod Features: ● RADAR MAP / MAP mod ● NO ROOT ● NO BAN ● 100% WORKS How to setup: 1. Go to your device settings - apps - mobile legends - permissions - and...
  10. icry4u

    Exclusive Space Justice v2.0.5350 ( God Mod - 1 Hit)

    Name of game: Space Justice Version: 2.0.5350 Root: No Mods: - God Mod - 1Hit Install Steps: - Download Obb file ( From apkpure or PlayStore ) - Download & Install the mod - Enjoy Notes: This game requires obb to run please download from apkpure or playstore and do the obb trick follow...
  11. nxbxdy

    Outdated The Simpsons: Tapped Out v4.37.0 [MOD]

    Name: The Simpsons: Tapped Out Version: 4.37.0 Root: No Mod: - Free shopping - Unlimited donuts Install Steps: Download the .apk file using your favorite browser. Copy the file over to your Android device. Skip this step if you're using your Android device to download the mod. Browse to the...
  12. OtonaPoi

    [HELP] Valkyrie Crusade v5.0.0 and its quirks

    I'll cut it short since I unadvertently closed the tab I was making the thread and it didn't save automatically. Here's the thread of the mod: Valkyrie Crusade v5.0.0 [Mod][UPDATE] A new game mode has been added to the game, and only the second version of the mod is working right now. I...
  13. A

    Cuntwars mod 1.36 topic disappeard

    Hey where is the cuntwars 1.36 topic it suddenly disappeard and I can't find it anymore...
  14. icry4u

    Exclusive Strongest Hunter v1.0.8 ( Dmg , Def )

    Name of game: Strongest Hunter Version: 1.0.8 Root: No Mods: 1- x20 Damage / Defense Install Steps: Install the mod Enjoy Notes: - By using this mod you take any ban risk comes with it you have been warned. Credits: Icry4u - EMT Playstore Link: Strongest Hunter - Apps on Google Play...
  15. icry4u

    Exclusive Eternal Rhapsody v1.2.6 ( Cheat Menu )

    Name of game: Eternal Rhapsody Version: 1.2.6 Root: No Mods: 1- Cheat Menu ( Click Speed button in battle to open cheat menu ) Install Steps: - Install the mod - Enjoy Notes: - By using this mod you take any ban risk comes with it - This Game / Mod doesn't work on emulator ( Tested on Nox...
  16. stelau4

    Exclusive 던전앤어비스: 방치형 RPG ver-1.0.18

    Name: 던전앤어비스: 방치형 RPG Version: 1.0.18 Root: NO Features: 1) Weak enemy 2) High gold gain 3) Exp gain high Install Steps: 1) Download mod apk 2) Install and enjoy Credits: stelau4 - TeamAR Playstore Link: ModLink...
  17. destruction

    Outdated Critical Ops v1.0.0.f312 Mega Apk | No Root [MOD]

    Name: Critical Ops v1.0.0.f312 Mod Apk | No Root Version: 1.0.0.f312 Root: No Mod: – Radar mod – Enemies become permanently visible on the radar. – Anti Ban – No Cheat Detection – License Check Bypassed – No MOD Version Detect – No Root Detection – Slight Aimbot – Aim Assist – No...
  18. Suisei

    Script Azur Lane KR 벽람항로 v1.5.1 [MOD]

    Name: Azur Lane KR 벽람항로 Version: 1.5.1 Root: No Public Mod: Azur Lane KR version (X.D. Global) godmode | godmode + cooldown | godmode + damage Credits: k0np4ku's autopatcher DOWNLOAD: trft6e767gihi61hxas4dfghjjokl0 updated: May 24, 2019 As always, just tell me if the mod doesnt work or...
  19. A

    Outdated Azur Lane v1.2.84 EN [MOD] 10/31/18 Hotfix

    Name: Azur Lane Version: 1.2.84 Root: No Working as of October 31, 2018 After Hotfix Mod: godmode/weakenemy/damage/cooldown Install Steps: Make sure you have installed a clean updated version of Azur Lane from playstore. Have it download all the files needed to run the game before swapping...
  20. E

    Outdated Last Day on Earth Survival - Free Crafting – Unlimited Gold Coins - Free XP Booster etc v1.9.6 [MOD]

    Name: Last Day on Earth Survival - Free Crafting – Unlimited Gold Coins - Free XP Booster etc Version: 1.9.6 Root: No Mod: Mod : [No root needed] – Free Crafting – Unlimited Gold Coins – add coin every time using coin (On Map, Reset Skill, Buy XP boost) – Unlimited Craft and Build Materials –...