1. A

    Azur Lane v1.2.84 EN [MOD] 10/31/18 Hotfix

    Name: Azur Lane Version: 1.2.84 Root: No Working as of October 31, 2018 After Hotfix Mod: godmode/weakenemy/damage/cooldown Install Steps: Make sure you have installed a clean updated version of Azur Lane from playstore. Have it download all the files needed to run the game before swapping...
  2. E

    Outdated Last Day on Earth Survival - Free Crafting – Unlimited Gold Coins - Free XP Booster etc v1.9.6 [MOD]

    Name: Last Day on Earth Survival - Free Crafting – Unlimited Gold Coins - Free XP Booster etc Version: 1.9.6 Root: No Mod: Mod : [No root needed] – Free Crafting – Unlimited Gold Coins – add coin every time using coin (On Map, Reset Skill, Buy XP boost) – Unlimited Craft and Build Materials –...
  3. M

    How to merge modded apks?

    Say one mod apk has x10 damage, and another one has infinite energy to use on maps, how would you merge (combine them together) the apk's together to form a modded apk with x10 damage and infinite energy?
  4. T

    Outdated The SImpsons: Tapped Out v4.33.5 [MOD]

    Name: The Simpsons: Tapped Out Version: 4.33.5 Root: No Mod: - Unlimited currency - Free shopping Install Steps: Download the 4.33.5_update.apk Move the 4.33.5_update.apk file to anywhere on your android device. You can skip this step if you used your android device to download it. Make sure...
  5. smavx


    Name: THE WALKING DEAD NO MAN'S LAND V2.11.1.9 (UNLIMITED MOVES+LONG MOVES) MOD APK Version: Root: No Mod: Unlimited Moves+Long Moves Install Steps: - Unstall - Dowload Apk and OBB - Extact OBB , copy paste in sdcard / android / OBB - Play Credits: &...
  6. icry4u

    Mayhem Combat v1.5.1 ( Currency )

    Name of game: Mayhem Combat Version: 1.5.1 Root: No Mods: 1- Press back button on Device to Gain 1000 Zaps Install Steps: - Install the mod - Enjoy Notes: By using this mod you acknowledge the risk of getting banned you've been warned Game Needs Obb file you can download it from Mayhem...
  7. momokon22

    How to mod English language for Travel Frog - 旅かえる

    I am a new member, so if my posts violate forum rules, please let me know, thanks I really like this game , but it's 100% japanese so i want to mod it to English . This game is build on Unity , so i think the language file will be /asset , but all files in there are encrypted ( .resourse ...
  8. Mr Ikso

    Mr Gun v1.3 [MOD]

    Name: Mr Gun Version: 1.3 Root: No Mod: More money Install Steps: Download Credits: Mr Ikso aka Dtuffg Playstore Link: Download Link: Upload4earn - Free Upload Files & Earn Money
  9. stelau4


    Name: Beasts Vs Monsters idle RPG Version: 1.79 Root: NO Features: 1) Weak enemy Install Steps: 1) Download Mod apk 2) Install and enjoy Credits: stelau4 - TeamAR Playstore Link...
  10. stelau4

    라테일 W ver- (KR version)

    Name: 라테일 W Version: Root: NO Features: 1) x10 hp 2) x10 mp 3) x2 jump Install Steps: 1) Use ps version and pass the tutorial in game (its one fight with boss) 2) Download mod apk 3) Install and enjoy Credits: stelau4 - TeamAR Playstore Link...
  11. stelau4

    Combo Rush - Keep Your Combo (Unreleased) ver-1

    Name: Combo Rush - Keep Your Combo Version: 1 Root: NO Features: 1) Mass atk 2) Mass hp Install Steps: 1) Download bypass apk 2) Complete tut in game 3) Install mod apk 4) Start game and enjoy Credits: stelau4 - TeamAR Playstore Link...
  12. Tammy Roy

    Dead Rivals - Zombie MMO (Movement Mod)

    Dead Rivals - Zombie MMO Play Store Current Version - 1.0.3a Root : YES Mod - Movement Speed (No-BAN) Tools Required - Game Guardian Latest Version Steps: 1. Open game guardian then Open Game and go to Player Profile. 2. Jot down your character's Movement Speed. 3. Open Game guardian =>...
  13. stelau4

    Archlion Saga - Pocket-sized RPG ver- 1.1.0g

    Name: Archlion Saga - Pocket-sized RPG Version: 1.1.0g Root: NO Features: 1) Loads of gold (25252666) Install Steps: 1) Download mod apk 2) Install and enjoy Credits: stelau4 - Esclusive Modding Team Playstore Link:
  14. stelau4

    Resolved Soul Awakening 1.3.0 (MOVED TO VIP)

    Name: Soul Awakening Version: 1.3.0 Root: NO Features: 1) Instant death (Enemy jump out and die) Please note does not apply to boss 2) x50 Mana 3) No skill cooldown Install Steps: 1) Download mod apk 2) Download zip file from mega 3) Extract zip and place folder with obb inside in android/obb...
  15. icry4u

    Valiant Force v1.25.0 ( Mod )

    Name of game: Valiant Force Version: 1.25.0 Root: No Mod1 ( Risky...! ) 1- 1Hit 2- God Mode Mod2 ( Safe ) 1- Half HP 2- Half Damage Install Steps: - Install the mod - Enjoy Credits: Icry4u - EMT Playstore Link: Valiant Force APK Download Link: Mod 1 : Valiant...
  16. K

    Request Dragon ball Return of Saiyan

    Could someone make mod for this game, its a Dragon ball game: Return of Saiyan Version 2.0.3 Google Store: Return of Saiyan - Android Apps on Google Play Mod: - any % bonus for attack, hp - any % decrased taken damage - Adventure exp always 8x - Battle stages stamina composition would be...
  17. icry4u

    The Sims™ Mobile v12.1.0.196139 ( Currency Mod )

    Name of game: The Sims™ Mobile Version: Root: No Mods: 1- Buy any forniture to get massive Cash and Simoleons Install Steps: - Install the mod - Enjoy Video : Some Notes you should know : # If for some reason this doesn't work for you .. try clearing game's cache by going...
  18. D

    Request Avakin life

    Avakin Life - 3D virtual world - Android Apps on Google Play
  19. M

    Grinder Mod Installer (for MCPE)

    Grinder Mod Installer Version: 1.0 Root: No The Grinder Mod for Minecraft Pocket (MCPE) adds two blocks which will help to better protect your base against hostile mobs and other unwanted guests. Whenever a mob walks over a grinder block itwill die instantly. But you’ve got to be careful not...
  20. nxtxclr8

    Rusty Lake Paradise – Full Game Unlock Mod Apk

    Name: Rusty Lake Paradise Version: 1.0.8 Root: /No Mod: Full Game Unlock Install Steps: How to Install? Download the APK and install it Enjoy! Credits: Playstore Link: Google Playstore Download: rusty_lake_paradise.apk - 98.4 MB Mirror: rusty_lake_paradise.apk - 98.4 MB