monkey king

  1. Outdated Monkey King - Havoc in Heaven v.2.1.11 [weak enemies, dmg]

    Name: Monkey King - Havoc in Heaven Version: 2.1.11 Package: com.ezfun.xyen Language: CN and EN Need Root: No Mod: 1.) weak monsters 2.) 20x dmg (BGM OFF) Notes: 1.) dmg is fully working in PvP or open world. it is set low to prevent banning by reports from other players but 5x should be...
  2. Outdated Monkey King - ไซอิ๋วพิชิต3ภพ v.2.3.6 [dmg, weak enemy, vip]

    Name: Monkey King - ไซอิ๋วพิชิต3ภพ Version: 2.3.6 Package: Language: Thai Root: Yes w/ LP Mod: 1.) 5x dmg (music off) 2.) weak monsters (dungeon only) 3.) max VIP Notes: 1.) dmg is working for open-world or PvP, disable if you don't want to get reported 2.) game has auto-ban...
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